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Loose Rancillio Basket?

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  • Loose Rancillio Basket?

    Hey guys!

    I've been enjoying learning on my new old Silvia, but one thing annoys me: every time I bang on the knock box my basket falls out of the portafilter! I'm using the original double basket. When I bang the basket itself the puck comes out in one piece. Do I need to replace the spring in my PF, or is it something else?


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    Sounds like a loose spring. New one can fix it. cheap fix.


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      I replaced my spring and the basket still falls out! What else could it be? Would another basket fit tighter than the original one?


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        Got a stronger spring, like a Synesso one or similar.

        Or another thought, are you banging it on the portafilter handle, rather than on the basket?


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          Filter circlips often require "adjustment" in use especially in high use environments (cafe's), including new ones at fitment if they dont grip well straight up.

          Just bend the circlip "outwards" a little in a couple of places around the circle. When the circlip is refitted into its groove, there will be some extra material outside the groove to grip the filter a bit more.

          Do that to the old circlip and you will have a good usable spare.

          Hope that helps,
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            I'm banging it on the handle, not the basket. Am I meant to bang on the basket?


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              Yep, right across the middle works for me.


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                When knocking the spent puk out of the coffee filter, you knock the filter directly onto the cross piece of the knock box. If you knock the handle of the filter holder (aka "group handle") onto the cross piece, the handle will break sooner rather than later...

                Hope that helps.


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                  Or you could do what one of our customers did with their Rancilio - they had no knock box, so they used to smash both their double handles together basket-to-basket over their bin. They bashed them so hard that the lips on the baskets were dead flat, and when I tried to remove them from the handles to fit new ones I found the handles had been bashed so hard that the upper sections of each group handle above the spring grooves were bent inwards, grabbing the baskets so hard it took a big hammer and punch to cave the baskets in far enough to remove them. In the end the baskets and handles all went in the bin.


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                    All of that is perfectly logical for many so called "cafe" people.......

                    Next they demand new group handle assemblies from their coffee supplier and refuse to pay for them, because...."they" should supply that stuff if they want "them" to use their coffee.......

                    I have a lot of anecdotes saved up for when I write my book, but hadnt heard that one before. Very very good !