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BES860 Vs BES900

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  • BES860 Vs BES900

    I'd like some help in understanding the difference between the BES860 and BES900 appart from $500 odd dollars!!


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    They are in a very different category. The BES860 is a single thermocoil, whereas the BES900 is a double boiler. So the biggest difference is that you can steam milk and extract espresso simultaneously with the 900. But with the 860 you have to extract, switch to steam mode, wait a while for the steam to be made, then you can steam your milk. And then wait again to extract another shot. The other big difference is that the 860 has a built in grinder. Honestly, I don't like the idea of a built in grinder. It makes it harder to upgrade in the future. Look for a BCG800 grinder to go with it, maybe in a package deal... I don't know how the built in grinder compares to the bcg800. So if you want speed, or you make lots of coffee at one, get the 900.

    Hope this helps!


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      I thought it had something to do with Double Boiler and Thermocoil, thanks for the clarification David8
      Now its weighing up the thermocoil slowness of the 860 against purchasing a grinder ontop of the 900 as I cant seem to find any package deals.
      Heard a whisper of Black and Cranberry colours being released too...
      Too much choice is making me way too indecisive!!


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        Have you had a read through the BES900 owner's thread?

        Lots of talk there about packages going for $1200 (I think). They're all non-sponsor stores unfortunately. I would definitely go for the BES900, I'd doubt the ability of the grinder in the 860 for espresso grinding, especially with single wall baskets...


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          I had an 860 and gave it to a friend when I got my 900.

          I found that the 900 makes better coffee and is much more convenient for milk drinks.

          The 860 worked well and the inbuilt grinder ground fine enough for espresso with single walled baskets after I modified it. reply 34.

          An advantage of the 860 is the much smaller footprint. However with my 860 the drip tray was regularly overflowing due to the automatic purging for temperature control. My 900 drip tray has never overflowed with much less drip tray emptying and tank filling required.

          I think that the 900 is worth the extra cash.

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