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Downsizing from small Cafe owner to home use

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  • Downsizing from small Cafe owner to home use

    Hi All,
    I am looking for some advise on a suitable machine and grinder for home use preferably in the sub $1000 mark.
    recently closed my cafe in Toodyay and had a La Cimbali M21 Junior (plumbed in) and Mazzer Major. (will be looking to sell these once i get a new machine)
    I always drink my coffee black and would only need steam if i am making milk for visitors and generally do not drink more than 2/3 a day.
    i have reverted to using a plunger to get a reasonable coffee at home and work.

    So the question is - what machine + grinder is out there that will produce a good coffee without offending my taste buds....

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    What's wrong with keeping the machines you've got?

    Java "Cimbali 2-group on his bench" phile
    Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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      Originally posted by Javaphile View Post
      What's wrong with keeping the machines you've got?

      Java "Cimbali 2-group on his bench" phile
      My thought also.


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        a) you will be disappointed going from a commercial machine to a sub $1000 domestic including grinder. Not just from a coffee point of view. The ergonomics and ease of use will be very very frustrating.....

        b) playing the devils advocate: You havent said how old your equipment is. Ask yourself what you think your used machine and grinder will bring? What if it only brings $1500.00? In that case would you think it will be worth the changeover? In that case I would say definitley not.

        c) the answers are never black and white!

        Hope that helps,
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          Couldn't agree more with above posts.
          You're current gear, even if it is a bit retro, would already be the envy of the majority of home coffee freaks. And for good reason.
          Especially the grinder. New burrs (if it's already done a few tonnes) and a good clean inside the casing, is all it might need to be good as new.
          The only thing I could think about the machine is water quality running a big boiler with low water turnover, i.e. if you're not using much water then the continual reheating of the same water will remove some of the oxygen and give the water a flat taste. Others who are running commercials at home might comment on that, with more authority.
          But that's easily fixed, just change the water regularly and run the machine on a digital timer so it's ready when you are.
          The cost of plumbing in at home and supplying a 15 or 20 amp dedicated circuit (if required) might be cheaper than an unnecessary changeover.


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            thanks guys fair comments,
            OK my La Cimbali is about 3 years old and paid $4k new for it (I bought this machine because the previous La Cimbali Junior lasted 18 years with almost no issues), it has been parked up for a year now, also have Pullman tamper, Sunbeam double basket...., the grinder is about 18 months old paid $1.5k new and was parked up about the same time - I occasionally use it to grind some coffee when I get frustrated with the commercial 'stuff'
            I agree it is a great machine and really enjoyed using it in my cafe (and I was proud of the coffee I offered my customers) and the decision to downsize is a very difficult one.
            I am in a small rental so plumbing it in is not really an option (bench space is at a premium) and the warm up time would annoy the hell out of me for 1 coffee, also find it hard to justify a grinder that size for approx 50g of coffee/day. in the 6 months of use I would have only used approx 30kg of coffee so it was just worn in and is as new, doser just clicked over 2000 shots.
            I was hoping to sell the machine with all the extras for about $2500 and the grinder for about $1000. but need to ensure that I can get a decent coffee fix prior to letting go...

            if I had the option I would love to keep it and continue to fulfil my coffee obsession, but practicality and my need for $$'s has to prevail