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New Slivia, Rocky & great service.

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  • New Slivia, Rocky & great service.

    Hello All

    I would like to say great site. I have been using it the last week to research for a new machine, having used a Krups for the past 6+years we were ready for an upgrade. As per advice I was going to upgrade the grinder 1st and then the machine later. My choices where the Rocky grinder and either Gaggia Classic, Slivia, Solis, Sunbeam etc.

    Searched your sponsors page and rang Di Bartoli Saturday morning to get some advise over the phone, I was impressed enough that we chose to drive to Bondi Junction that day (we live in the Mtns) Ofra & Renzo demonstrated the grinder, discussed our needs and budget on a machine and then gave us a hands on demo finishing with a coffee made on our choice of machine that we felt we could not go home without. While choosing they entertained the kids with drinks and drawings. Once we decided to purchase the Slivia & Rocky they opened the boxes and setup the grinder and checked the pouring consistency, showed me over basic service and my wife a basic course on making coffee with it!

    Overall a very satisfied customer and very impressed with this site, contributions & your sponsors Di Bartoli. Hope this doesn’t break some posting guidelines for 1st timers but Di Bartoli’s service was outstanding and I feel good service like this needs complimenting?



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    Re: New Slivia, Rocky & great service.

    Now thats what were all about 8-)

    Im sure that you got a great price and more importantly that you will be supported every step of the way....Its just another of the many benefits of being a CS member .

    Congrats Ofra and Renzo- another happy client!

    Enjoy your new setup Jim...



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      Re: New Slivia, Rocky & great service.


      Welcome to CoffeeSnobs.... and it sure is a great site for interchange of all coffee related information.

      Your purchasing experience is typical of those who go to a site sponsor rather than some discount cash and carry....

      It is obvious they know their stuff when it comes to coffee (after all thats all they sell) and are only too pleased to help....

      Enjoy your journey into great coffee..... wont be long before you are roasting your own beans as well


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        Re: New Slivia, Rocky & great service.

        Welcome Jim, have fun with the new equipment and post any questions you have.


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          Re: New Slivia, Rocky & great service.

          Great review and great plug for the sponsors, Jim!

          Enjoy coffee nirvana and remember to not hesitate to ask for any advice or help on getting that great cup of coffee!


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            Re: New Slivia, Rocky & great service.

            Congratulations Jim! Another snob for our next NSW coffee snobs day perhaps?

            Good to hear you went with a sponsor and I am sure you will be happy with aftersales service as well. Look forward to reading your future posts.