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    Having had an 'espresso' machine of some description in the house for about the last 15 years
    it was a sad morning when a week or so ago the ES800 sat stone cold on the bench for a good 15 mins with its light flashing on and off. I wasn't sure what to do, I almost gave up and went back to bed but then, long story short I grabbed the opportunity and went out and upgraded to a better machine!

    Originally I had intended to get the Rancilio Silvia v3. It was about right for our budget and although the Breville had served us well and I was pretty keen on the BES900 i thought I should go for something simpler with less alloy and plastic.

    Best thing I did was take my friends advice and go to the local Coffee wholesaler, they could not have been nicer or more helpful and pretty much gave me free reign over the machines they had on display. I had a number of grinders filled with beans to choose from , milk, milk jugs, cups and tampers. I pulled shots from a number of the machines and spent probably an hour there talking to the staff and the tech guy out he back.

    In the end it came down to the ECM being such a fine machine. It was very similar to the Rancilio Silvia in performance but won me over with its build quality. We are very close to finishing our new house and I couldn't help but think how much better the ECM would look sitting out in the new kitchen compared to the Silvia. In the end it was about $200 more than the Silvia, slightly over budget but I'm very happy with it.

    We have only had it since Saturday and this morning was the first shot I have pulled with it at home that was half decent. Once I have gotten a bit more used to it I can post a review in a week or so if any one is interested. Also if you have any questions or comments fire away.

    There seems to be not much about it on any Australian sites, most of what I have read is from Europe. Hence my post.