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Question about EM6910 About the hot water pipe

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  • Question about EM6910 About the hot water pipe

    I am new user for EM6910

    I just found a question about the hot water pipe.

    Every time when I switch the hot water pipe, the hot water is so weak and not contiguously. What exactly is this hot water use for?

    And when I switch the hot water pipe, the group head also leaking water.

    Is this normal for every EM6910?

    Looking for your comments

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    Doesn't sound normal.

    On mine when I use the hot water wand it gives a good strength flow of water, although in squirts rather than a continuous stream.

    And it doesn't cause any water to come out of the group head either.

    When I took mine apart to get working I noticed that the path the hot water takes is dictated by how open the hot water path is (controlled by the hot water dial), so if that's not correctly set so that it's fully off when the group head is in use and properly open when the hot water wand is in use, it may cause part water to go each way? Either that or there's a blockage in your hot water wand which is causing the water to not flow properly through that but divert through the group head... which is actually my bet. Flush some descaling solution through it (vinegar mixed with water is a cheap version), let it sit for 15 mins or so, run it some more, then run a whole lot of clean water through it all and see if that helps.