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EM6910 - inconsistent between extractions?

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  • EM6910 - inconsistent between extractions?

    Hi folks

    My Sunbeam EM6910 has developed (what I think is) an issue over the last few months. My morning ritual is to make my missus & I a coffee, but lately the second extraction is very different to the first - it takes a lot longer (as if the grind is finer). I have to adjust the grind in between coffees.

    Any ideas?

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    It would suggest the grinder is the issue but I'd do some tests with machine to rule that out. Try simply running water through the machine and timing the blank shot, both first thing and after you have made a coffee. Also make 3-4 cups of coffees in a row without adjusting the grinder and see if the shot times still vary, or if they level out. It could be that you are adjusting the grinder back and forth with a slight delay in the shot times due to a lag in changing the grind to seeing a difference in the shot.

    Might also be worth giving the grinder a good clean out, as it can build up with oil from the beans. You can buy special "stuff" that you run through the grinder but just giving it a good brush out and washing the hopper out with detergent could help.

    I find my SB grinder can hold a fair bit of ground coffee in the spout part after grinding and that I need to give it a good tap to get it to fall out. You might be getting a whole lot of yesterdays ground coffee coming down in the first shot, which could be quite stale and thus affect the extraction.


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      I have exactly the same issue but I figure the first shot has a little leftover grind that has dried out more and the second shot is straight fresh. The third shot is same as the second in mine. I have 2 double shots and the missus 1 so we have at least 3 pass through every morning and it is always the same.


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        Similar experience. I upgraded to a Mini-Mazer and every shot was the same time after time (especially after learning the 5c trick). Amazing what a difference the grinder makes...

        Of course it may be something quite different, but run the grinder for 10 seconds or so to clear out the stales and see if it works.


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          Thanks for the replies folks. To be honest it's been a while since I cleaned the grinder so that could be it; otherwise the stale grinds sitting in there would explain it.

          I'll pull it apart this weekend & see how I go.