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Silvia - Stopped Heating and No Power

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  • Silvia - Stopped Heating and No Power

    Hi All,

    I switched my Silvia on this morning for the first time in probably just over a week. The power light came on and it started heating. I went on to do some other things in the kitchen and came back to the machine a few minutes later to find that the power light was off and it had stopped heating. Flicking the switch on and off and also the power at the wall made no difference.

    When it turned off it didn't do anything dramatic, no noises etc.

    One thought I had is that the machine has been idle for a while and maybe the water level in the boiler had got low causing it to over heat? We've had some hot days here of late and I guess in theory its possible for the water to have evaporated out of the boiler.

    After a quick bit of googling I found some mention of resetting the thermostat safety cut out. And instruction on how to reset it.

    My Silvia is about 18 months old. Gets fairly regular use - 3 to 4 times a week.

    So hoping someone might be able to help with some info?

    - Is the thermostat safety cut out the likely cause?
    - Is resetting it myself safe/recommended for the home user to undertake?

    Thanks in advance.

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    i've reset mine several times and it's definitely something that you can do yourself.

    turn it off and unplug it.
    take the water cover and water tank out.
    unscrew the 4 top plate screws (be careful not to let the washer things fall into the unit as i did)
    lift off the plate.
    you'll see a tiny red button on the thermostat on the front side of the boiler (big brass cylinder)
    you'll probably have to wiggle your finger in among the wire to press it, but it's easy enough
    once you pressed it, put it all back together and you should be away again.


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      Thanks Headinclouds. Got the top off and located the button easily. However not having any success after pressing it. So looks like its off to a repairer....


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        If it was tripped it should have made a noticeable click when you pressed it


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          I am yet to feel one click and have reset quite a few.

          General consensus is that if it has tripped and killed an element, it should be replaced whilst the boiler repair is done.


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            Probably a good idea to have it checked out it you suspect the heating element might be burnt out.

            If you reset the thermostat and do have a ruptured element, once the boiler is filled with water and the water has contact with the internals of the element, you may have a machine that is live and could electrocute especially if you have a power point without Earth Leakage Protection. Unfortunately I bought such a machine 2nd hand from an unscrupulous seller and luckily had a protected power point.
            My safety switch was tripped which alerted me to the problem.

            If you're not confident diagnosing this yourself then best find a repairer who can help. You can find some in the sponsors list (Coffee Machinist is one in Melbourne.)

            There seem to be a lot of Silvia owners that sooner or later have this experience. It should be a part of the coffee making routine with a Silvia to prime the boiler every time the unit is switched on regardless. This will safegard against the most common cause of killing heating elements.


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              Quick update, I got my machine back from the repairer.
              They reported they could find no fault and that it turned on first go for them.
              My only conclusion is that sometimes cut out switches can be a bit sticky. And perhaps movement and vibration while transporting to the repairer was enough to shake it loose after I'd already pressed the reset button.

              One good thing, the repairer performed a service as part of their checks and my Silvia is running like new again!


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                Good news that your Silvia is again up and running as it should be. Maybe the cut-out did its job and protected the heating element. Sounds like this was all checked and verified during the service and your Silvia given a clean bill of health.

                The Silvia V3 I bought seemed to work fine on brew and hot water but tripped the safety switch about 10 or 20 secs after pressing the steam button with a fully primed boiler.
                I was advised there was probably a minute rupture in the element that either opened up with the extra heat when steaming or when the water level rose during heating to steam.
                This type of damage can be caused by overheating due to low water level in the boiler which is why always priming the boiler is a good habit to get into. The cut-out switches don't always stop element damage unfortunately. I have also been told that the welded-in elements such as in the Silvia V3 seem to sometimes expire earlier due to issues of quality control when welding in the elements with too much heat. This makes them more prone to damage when overheated if the boiler water level isn't carefully monitored, I would imagine.


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                  Originally posted by CafeLotta View Post
                  The Silvia V3 I bought seemed to work fine on brew and hot water but tripped the safety switch about 10 or 20 secs after pressing the steam button with a fully primed boiler.
                  Just in case it may help someone else that has similar symptoms in a misbehaving Silvia, I finally stopped sulking about being sold a dud "mint" condition used Silvia, (read almost stopped sulking) and went out and bought a new boiler/element. I fitted this yesterday and can report that the issue was indeed the old heating element that tested OK on a multimeter but had some type of minute rupture that allowed water to contact the interior element when heated to a higher temp. No dramatic visible clues inside the old boiler but apparently something that can happen when people mistreat their Silvia by not carefully maintaining boiler water levels, especially when steaming.
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