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  • Question about BES840

    Greetings all.

    New user to the forums and have a quick question.

    I recently purchased a Breville 840 Infuser. Got in on a great deal on Amazon and got the unit for 335.00 brand new. I've been trying to dial in the machine with my Baratza Encore. The first couple shots were a little over extracted according to the pressure gauge on the unit. Had to use a light tamp in order to get them decent. I was doing some research and noticed that many users with BES900 took out the plastic disc that is in the portafilter. My 840's portafilter had the same plastic disc.

    I removed the disc, and now, with the same grind, the shots are severely under extracted. The coffee seems to pour out of the filter very fast and the gauge barely move while extracting. Even after giving the coffee a very firm tamp, it still comes out very fast.

    My question is, what is the plastic disc in the portafilter there for? Is it to make the filter a pressurized one?

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    Hello MDiddy, welcome to CoffeeSnobs,

    I own a Breville BES900 Dual Boiler machine.

    When I got it there was a plastic insert in the portafilter which I have removed.

    I understand it was there to prevent the metal bulk of the portafilter cooling the coffee passing through it should the portafilter not be sufficiently heated up prior to brewing coffee.

    I doesn’t increase effect the pressure, however it makes it harder to clean the portafilter.
    Fast flow can be due to grinding too coarse, channelling from inadequate tamping or under dosing.
    If your flow is too fast you should try grinding finer to slow it down. Dose and tamp as recommended in the BES840 instruction booklet and adjust the grind to control the flow.