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  • Cold drip coffee

    Does anybody have tried Cold Drip Coffee?

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    I'm going out on a limb here, but the answer is 'probably yes'.


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      Heasub, welcome to Coffee Snobs! Great question for your first post! I'm sure many here on the forum have tried and even brewed cold drip coffee

      Have you tried other cold brewed methods? I like Aeropress or v60 over ice.

      Today I made what I call a "Esproda". It was a shot of espresso over ice, topped with soda water. I thought it would go straight down the drain, but in fact, it was really really nice!

      Here's some photos:
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        Clever name James.

        A few years ago my wife was with me in Campos when she decided she wanted her long black cold.
        After scratching their heads for a few minutes they came up with mineral water, ice and espresso.
        I think you can find similar in a few places now.

        While down in VIC recently, Pat from Foxy Brown made me a drip filter coffee which he then poured over ice.
        You might want to try that if you have the equipment.


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          neato. yeah, I brew aeropress and v60 over ice regularly. it's 40C+ in WA at the mo... another this arvo I'm thinking!


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            Man have I ever! When it's brewed properly, the results are amazing! It's really refreshing after a long stint behind the machine at work. The flavours extracted are a lot of the 'lighter' flavours of the particular bean. Although I tried one once and it really tasted like Coke! Anyways, fantastic brewing method with great results. We also have a small one which we brew cold dripped tea and the results are amazing. Really love it.


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              Wow, must try the espresso on ice with soda water trick tomorrow morning!!

              On another note, just made my experimental batch of mocha brownies, they taste great (to me).



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                Cold drip coffee

                The mind Boggles.....

                Actually I was at a boutique coffee house in Coorparoo, Brissy recently and there they only (prefer to) extract espresso at around 65 degC.
                I'd never tried this before but gave it a go and yes I'd have to agree the flavours were definitely fuller, or perhaps I should say more flavoursome... Not intense- just fuller flavour.

                Having a chat with the Barista he mentioned in conversation that the winners at the Barista Competitions often use a chilled cup!

                I really don't know if he was pulling my leg or not, but perhaps there's some truth in it....
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                  Do a site search for "cold press" and "cold process" and you'll get plenty of hits dating back years discussing this issue/brewing process.

                  Java "Search engines are your friends" phile
                  Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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                    Tried the espresso over ice and soda water this morning, not too bad at all, very refreshing, but a bit "sharp" tasting. Maybe I should not have used a double shot?



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                      nice one! experiment!

                      I brewed a v60 over ice this morning of a Kenya Mihuti, delish! Especially in this 40C+ heat


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                        Cold drip coffee

                        Yeah. Err.. Like Javaphile, I'm a bit confused if this thread is off topic or not... My understanding of Cold drip or cold press is extracting coffee using room temperature or cold filtered water over a long time (up to 12hours). This gets a flavour-full coffee and great on ice or with maple syrup and milk! Yum!

                        I don't really think "Cold Drip" means pulling a shot that "drips" onto ice 0.o"

                        Am I missing the point here?


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                          Cold drip coffee

                          Indeed. Drip is a drip brewer. Cold brew is manual brewing regular methods over ice


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                            I can see the confusion...
                            ...and I agree that talking about pouring filter or espresso coffee over ice cubes is adding to the confusion.

                            While making hot coffee cold is nice it's a totally different result to making coffee at room temperature (or less) over a longer period of time at a lower pressure.

                            I expect the original poster was refering to "cold drip coffee" from "cold drip brewers" like the ones here: CoffeeSnobs - BeanBay

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	yama_cold_drip_8cup.jpg
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                            Cold Drip Brewer


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                              Yep, my understanding of cold drip is as per the cool contraption shown above, but I was simply excited about trying something different that ended up as a cooler drink on these *&^&^%$ hot days.

                              I also once experimented with another form of "cold brew" coffee by placing some grounds and (room temp) water into a plastic water bottle and sitting it in the fridge for a few days, giving it a shake once in a while. I then decanted the coffee out of the bottle, leaving the grinds behind. To my surprise this tasted very clean and refreshing with milk, and this was using pre ground supermarket coffee (Cant believe I just said that!! - but that was all I could scrounge up at the time, am I forgiven??), must try it again with some proper fresh stuff.

                              About to make a double shot over ice topped up with cold milk, this heat is starting to annoy me