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Newbie - first machine, upgrade from aeropress

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  • Newbie - first machine, upgrade from aeropress

    Hi all,

    First post, please be gentle … I've been making several coffees a day with only an Aeropress for several years. I'm now working away at convincing my wife about the spend on a machine. (This could take a while ….. but at least I can do the research.)

    I'm a long-time CHOICE subscriber, and generally trust their assessment on most things. Their latest hot-off-the-press coffee machine review is here. (You need to be a subscriber to read beyond the intro.) It gives the EM6910 the top overall score. Question 1: any comments from you CS's on the merits of CHOICE's take on coffee machines?
    (NB: in answering, bear in mind that I'm probably not up for something demanding too much trial-and-error or fiddle-to-get-it-right stuff. Plus my wife just wouldn't be interested in pushing through all that. So in essence, we're prepared to live with coffee quality shy of prize-winning standard as a trade-off for ease-of-use. CHOICE reviews tend to assume that mindset.)

    Question 2: With something like the EM6910, could we expect in a reasonably short time to be turning out coffees at least equally as satisfying as those from the Aeropress? Or is that asking too much?

    Question 3: Bearing in mind the need to persuade the fiscally reluctant, I'm wondering about looking out for secondhand machines on ebay etc. Does anyone have some advice on what to look for and what questions to ask the seller, to be reasonably confident of not getting a lemon?

    May think of other questions, but that'll do for now. TIA ...

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    Any replies, folks? Thanks.


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      Originally posted by eN0ch View Post
      .... any comments from you CS's on the merits of CHOICE's take on coffee machines?.
      choice dont have the best reputation for coffee expertise !.. but,.. the 6910 has a good reputation for a value entry m/c, in that it can brew and steam at the same time.
      However , do not expect huge longevity without some significant maintenance since the thermoblock water heaters are prone to scale and corrosion..
      Read some of the other threads on here for options on m/c's too.


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        Good morning Enoch and welcome to CS.

        My opinions only:

        1) I think you will find that Choice doesnt necessarily "rate" very highly round these parts in terms of coffee equipment reviews, and would leave it up to others that may want to expand. The EM 6900 and 6910 were revolutionary in their time and brought quasi commercial style espresso to the home for a very nice price. They were not without their problems, but you would expect that if you care to note my reference to "revolutionary". There are a lot of them around, and we see them in the workshop from time to time.

        3) you would be cray-zee to buy one in used condition, and they are already (refer previous point) a very nice price at new cost for the quality and performance they can deliver in the hands of someone that has learned how to manage the equipment properly.

        2) As stated the 6910 can deliver quasi commercial espresso beverages if used properly. After that its all up to you.

        If you are prepared to spend more (than for an EM6910), you can get equipment that performs equally as well and will be more reliable over time (and therefore cost less in maintenance and service over a period of years).

        Dont forget, you will need a "suitable" grinder (no matter what machine you decide on) AND.......afraid that if you want good results (as in, high quality espresso brews), you will have to work at it. Buying equipment that is capable of making good coffee doesnt guarantee that you will make good coffee. That is up to you, and unfortunately, if you dont learn how to use it properly the results wont just be ordinary, they could be decidedly either "get with it", or you may wish to consider staying with the aeropress.

        Hope that helps,
        very first CS site sposnor.


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          Thanks guys for both those responses. Most helpful and enlightening. Gives me a few things to ponder, which is a good thing.

          One immediate follow-up question: If I did get something like the 6910, and put in the hard yards on learning how to use it to its best, could I expect the results to surpass the Aeropress? Or would it be about the same? (obviously I'm referring to the espresso itself, minus the froth)

          Also are there any video tutorials on here (or recommended links) that would help a rookie to develop the art on a domestic machine?

          obtw - the grinder I currently have is a Breville BCG450