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EM6910 Pressure Profiling!

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  • EM6910 Pressure Profiling!

    Hey All,

    As I was heating my milk jug the other day to split into by pressing the manual button but sending the hot water to the spout by just opening the tap an idea sprang into my mind. Would it be possible to use this function to do some pressure profiling? The idea is, is that the more i send to the spout the less goes into the brew head and vice versa.. I have no idea whether anyone else has tried this but I thought I'd put my experience up anyway. I'm using a 22g VST basket and my family predominantly drinks double ristretto FW or just a Piccolo.

    I've only tried it once by not letting any of the hard pre-infusion go to the puck and then introduce a soft pre-infusion and then ramp the pressure up. Towards the end as the shot started to blonde, i pulled it back a little and then stopped the shot. My FW had a bit more body than usual and wasn't as sharp as it can be sometimes.
    (I am using the house blend from Clandestino Roasters-Sunshine Coast)

    Anyways I'll have more of a play with this in the future. Just thought i'll put it out there for anyone who is interested


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    Hey Mate!

    I have been playing around with pressure profiling a lot, just using pump speed control with a fan control/dimmer mod

    I also added a line pressure control valve. Simple cheap mods to a cheap Sunbeam EM4800 see link-

    what I have discovered is it all depends on the beans, softer beans like your Cuban and JBM like a long slow pre-infusion then a ramp up to 5-9bar then taper off similar to a lever profile.

    Normal and hard beans don't like any pre-infusion just 9-13 bar for the first 15 seconds then taper down according to flow speed, the longer in the lower pressures the more chock-let caramel note are extracted and bigger shots with less blonding.

    I am still playing around with this, it is good to have someone to compare notes with, I feel I am all alone out here sometimes.