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  • Too much choice!

    I'm on the hunt for a machine for my husband who has been using our Krups machine for over 10 years.
    He's a cappuccino drinker, doesn't grind his own (yes I know that is key in the perfect shot but he is more than happy with what he drinks), and his biggest complaint is how long his machine takes.
    So either a double boiler machine or I was looking at the Quickmill Cassiopea due to its ability to steam at the same time as doing the espresso.
    BUT, I am being swayed by the aesthetics of the Quickmill Eliane, not to mention the e61 group head. Plus I was going to get him a grinder in case the coffee bug really hits. The downside of the Eliane is the time it takes to steam (I think.. it is hard finding a review on the Eliane as most seem to be on the upgraded version the Alexia).
    He drinks one cappuccino a day from it during the week, maybe 2 on a weekend and we don't have visitors all the time so making multiple coffees isn't an issue - is the Elaine the right choice?

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    Even single boiler machines dont take that much time to steam for one brew. By the time you get your milk out of the fridge, pour it into jug etc, the boiler would be upto steam temp. I would strongly recommend a grinder and fresh beans, you will be amazed at the taste difference, and will find it hard (impossible?) to go backwards.

    Also provide a budget, it will help people give you meaningful suggestions.



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      I guess he is used to a 11 yr old basic machine so anything will be better than that!
      I'm looking at around $1000


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        New or used? Used will give you more machine for your money, and if its a quality unit with good maintenance, buying used is low risk.

        Have a look in the for sale section, some silvia and grinder combos there well under your budget.

        Coffee Hardware For Sale



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          You can't go wrong with the Sunbeam EM6910 which is a dual thermoblock so it can brew and steam at the same time.

          Have a look at my one year old machine for sale at $520 including remaining four year warranty. It produces superb coffee and the only reason I'm selling is because I have upgraded to the Sunbeam EM7000.

          You would have enough change to buy a decent grinder. The Breville Smart grinder is a good reliable unit that pairs well with the Sunbeam.


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            If you're happy to use pre-ground coffee then dont pay $1000 for a machine. An e61 group will not make pre-ground taste good. So 2nd hand or new em6910 will do you well. If you want to go down the path of good coffee then buy a breville smart grinder or even better a rancilio rocky or even better a malkhonig vario or even better... list goes on. Other options for coffee machines would be the sunbeam em7000 or simonelli oscar is dual boiler at just under $1000. I get the feeling you've seen these quickmills on an international website - id say thats a risky pursuit to save a few dollars. You'd do well to get a grinder and some fresh beans, you wont regret it.