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EM6910 - pressure problem - videos included.

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  • EM6910 - pressure problem - videos included.

    Hi Coffee Snobs!

    Thanks for all the info posted previously - it's been helpful, but unfortunately I've got a problem I haven't found a solution to just yet.

    I'm thinking it might be the main coffee water pump failing - but to be honest I have no idea.

    A week ago the machine started making a high frequency buzzing noise and since then I've had intermittent pressure drops.

    Often the first extraction from the machine after turning it on will be fine (video one), but the second is no bueno. No pressure, dripping, occasionally it'll come good(ish) like in the second video. The beans were ground at the same time and are from the same fresh batch of Dramanti beans. Bag only opened minutes before these vids. The tamp is the same. Nothing really changed.

    Anyone experienced this problem before or got any ideas what it could be?

    I'd love to find an easy fix for this because it was purchased off gumtree as an unwanted prize from a gloria jeans store. Warranty will be a nightmare, but possibly doable.

    I should also add that I gave the 3 month old machine a thorough cleaning for the first time today with cleaning tablets and descaling solution which made no difference. It wasn't that dirty.

    Much appreciated!

    Working well.

    Failing. Notice it cuts out at the 1min mark just before I hit the manual button to put it out of its' misery. Hence it restarting.

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    Doesn't sound too good, pump? I think the pumps have 5 years warranty, might be time to contact your closest service centre or ring Sunbeam with you serial number.

    I have a 6910 and just bought one for my sister in law in Adelaide (used) and have also used a mates and none sound like your unit.


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      Yeah that's kinda what I was thinking. Doesn't sound good at all.


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        I think if you ring Sunbeam and explain the problem and give them the serial number, they can then check how old the machine actually is to determine if the machine is covered by any kind of warranty. You might be in luck.

        I also bought 2 of these machines on Gumtree and, touch wood, both have been fine.


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          I've had a chat to sunbeam and they're chasing up some form of proof I won it from Gloria Jeans. The girl I purchased it off was selling it for her Dad. Messy. And hard to follow up. I'll see what the repair quote comes back as - it's in the shop now.


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            So just to follow this up for everyone.

            I was the problem, not the machine.

            It checked out to be running fine and when I got it home I've worked out it was the different beans I'd opened that were the difference.

            The Genovese beans from the cafe around the corner are less fresh than the Dramanti beans from the roaster.

            As such I needed to adjust my grind from 5-6 to 12-13 to get the same extraction.

            I still think there's a small problem with the machine as once the gauge goes above the good zone the machine chokes up a lot easier than it used to.

            But the final result was it didn't cost me a cent, just a bit of pride and dignity for taking a perfectly functional machine in to be 'fixed'.



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              So it seems like I was a bit quick to fault myself on this one. It still behaves this way whenever I slightly overtamp or have too fine a grind. The machine absolutely will not run a shot above the optimal area of the gauge. It won't run into the brown area at all, let alone the red.

              Anyone else had a problem like this with theirs?


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                I had a similar problem with my 6910. Unfortunately when I went to give the machine a final clean before selling it, when I took the shower screen out I discovered the group had rusted through. Might be an idea to just take the shower screen and gasket out and just check. Mine had a 5mm square hole in the underside of the group. I hope for your sake I'm wrong but you've lost nothing by checking.