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Rancilio Silvia & Rocky Grinder Package - early comments

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  • Rancilio Silvia & Rocky Grinder Package - early comments

    First cup ok ( run hot water for a while before using ) and I adjusted the grinder and now have a very firm and dry puck. Its just coming out so backed off one notch. What I need its a measuring device so I can get my water ( long black ) correct and check the correct flow rate for the Silvia. I guess the only major variable will be the tamper .... people mention pressure but getting it right consistency is now the key . Noticed not a very large amount of crema but its early days ( actually the 2nd day )

    Major difference I noted this morning was the pleasant taste that stayed in the mouth for about 10 minutes after my first cup ... first blend used from Coffee Snobs was the Colombian Volcan Galeras but wont be drinking much today ( 44C in Wollongong )

    Only have one gripe about the Silvia & Rocky but its a gripe I have about nearly every machine I buy ....... surely they can save a few trees and only print the manuals in the language for the country its exported to

    Final comment ... worth the money ?


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    Great too hear that you're having success mate. Great combination. Might have to get some fresh iced coffee on the brew at those temps!