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  • Quick pour - EM6910

    Fired up my (2nd hand) machine for the first time today.

    Single basket, 8g of beans ground to #4 on my Rancilio Rocky.
    Standard 30ml shot took 16 seconds which would indicate too course ................
    Except the pressure guage went into the red zone.

    Any advice?

    I'm assuming too much head pressure, but can it be adjusted, and how.

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    Re: Quick pour - EM6910

    Ignore the guage, grind finer.


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      Also experiencing the puck sticking to the shower head after removing handle from the head.
      Almost like all the flow was around the outside, lifting the puck up out of the basket. ????? Or again, too much pressure.


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        If the puck is sticking to the shower screen then you may be overdosing, especially if you are using the single shot, single wall basket. Can you see the impression of the showerscreen and screw on the pucks that come out cleanly?

        I use only the double shot basket, grind directly into the PF with the Breville BCG800 after having previously dialed in the grind and dose. The BCG800 ("Smartgrinder") seems to do a pretty good job of dosing the same amount each time. My pucks come out clean and relatively dry.

        Have a look at the Sunbeam videos on YouTube for the 6910, they can be helpful.

        Sunbeam EM6910 Espresso Machine: General overview - guide - YouTube