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Sunbeam EM6910 stops in continuous mode..

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  • Sunbeam EM6910 stops in continuous mode..

    Hi there,
    I'm a newbie to the world of expresso machines. I recently picked up a 2nd hand EM6910 and EM0480 grinder both in unused condition.
    I've been enjoying experimenting in the art of producing a good brew with fresh beans!

    Recently I've been having issues with producing expressos using the manual "continuous pour" button. The manual states in manual mode it will continuously pour up to 240ml. It's does that fine with no coffee in the group handle.
    However with coffee it seems to switch off after about 30ml. I'm getting good pressure - between the yellow and red bands on the pressure gauge.
    Am I grinding my coffee too fine or packing the coffee in the filter basket too tightly?

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    I don't know how it measures. I've always suspected a timer.
    How long does it take to stop with and without coffee?


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      TG has asked the key question that will diagnose the problem? how long does it take?

      From my experience with my old 6910, if I ever didn't get up to sufficient volume it's because I had ground the coffee too fine and the water couldn't pass through. So it took a long time to get a few drips and by the time it was pouring faster the machine had shut itself off. is that your experience daz? (don't worry too much about the pressure gauge)


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        A few variables here; single or double shot basket, single or dual wall, grinder setting, dose, tamping force.

        I bought a 6910 paired with 0480 in Adelaide for my sister in law over Xmas and have a 6910 paired with a Breville SmartGrinder in Tas. I use the double shot, single wall basket only and use the same dose and what I hope is a consistent tamping pressure,.

        When buying new beans, I calibrate using a pair of 30ml measuring glasses and aim for around 60ml in around 30 seconds. If you're using the single shot basket then around 30ml in around 30 seconds. I start timing as soon as I press the "Manual" button (preinfusion initially then full pressure) and tend to see the extraction flowing at around the 5-6 second mark.

        So, if you're using the singe shot single wall basket with a 30 ml extraction in 30 seconds, it sounds fine but if the machine is shutting off the extraction automatically, then you may be grinding too fine and over extracting.

        How does the espresso taste? From a simplistic view, if it tastes really bitter and is very dark then its most likely too fine a grind and heavily overextracted.

        My sister in law the other day thought she'd broken the machine as virtually nothing came out when she tried to make coffee for friends. I initially thought the pump had gone as I'd only used it the day before before coming back to Tassie. It turns out she was tamping too hard and the new beans required a coarser grind.


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          I'm pretty sure it cuts off after 45 secs. I.e. on freeflow 240ml comes out in 45 secs - from my limited understanding you would never want to exceed this anyway. Occasionally I overgrind/tamp and see the pressure guage go too far, in which case i let it run the full 45s producing a bitter shot which works OK as I alsmost always drink lattes anyway.

          Once you work out the right grind for the age of the beans and the correct tamp pressure I'm sure you will get quality shots


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            Sunbeam EM6910 stops in continuous mode..

            Thanks everyone for your replies. I haven't timed how long the continuous pour is but will check tonight.

            I'm using the single wall double shot filter. Grind setting on the 0480 is about 5. I tried the settings on 12 for fresh beans as per the manual, however the expresso pour is way too fast and flavour and body is too weak.

            So I incrementally tried lower settings until I got good pressure and a flavour that was acceptable.

            It's funny because prior to owning the 6910 I had a 10 yr old cheap Krups expresso and a cheap $15 grinder I bought from Woolies. With that setup I seemed to obtain more flavour and body using the same beans?


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              Sunbeam EM6910 stops in continuous mode..

              Its seems continuous mide is timed - around 40-45 seconda.
              I think I've figured it out. I was packing the filter too tight.


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                Good news! All that should vary is the grind, dose and tamping pressure should remain about the same. With this machine, my tamped coffee is around 3 to 4mm below the rim of the basket.

                The Sunbeam videos can be handy to watch if you're new to using the machine.

                EM6910 Sunbeam Espresso Machine Product Guide - YouTube (Overview)

                Sunbeam Coffee Tips -- Grind and Pour - YouTube (Grind and pour)

                Sunbeam EM6910: Simple Coffee recipe/techniques - YouTube (Different espresso based beverages)

                How To: Dialing in a Coffee Grinder - YouTube (Dialing in a grinder by Seattle Coffee Gear)