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BES860 solenoid issue

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  • BES860 solenoid issue

    Hi there

    Hoping someone can give me advice on an issue with my machine.
    BES860 with an integrated grinder. It's 3 years old and I've just had it quoted on (cost of $75) and apparently it needs a new solenoid at a cost of $190.
    Not worth spending a total of $265 on a 3 yr old machine.
    Cheaper options include finding the part and getting my mechanic partner to install it...(can be too hard,right?)...or buying one of the horrible 'pod' machines!
    Desperate to get my baby up and running again as *shock horror*, I was FORCED to endure something from a *cough*
    'drive thru' coffee joint last week. It was meant to be a flat white, but I am not so sure it was even fit for consumption.
    Or, tell me I am being a cheap skate and just get the bloody thing fixed!

    Your learned opinions and advice please.

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    Considering the RRP of the BES860 I would say it's not worth $265 to repair...

    Solenoid replacement is generally pretty straightforward, but, being a Breville I don't know where you'd be able to source the parts... If you can get the model/part number of the solenoid you can look around for one.