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First Machine: Pavoni or Silvia?

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  • First Machine: Pavoni or Silvia?

    New to forum and my first post. I just got a Compak Grinder and am looking for a machine now.
    Probably a repeated topic but hear me out.

    I reside in Darwin and there are no retail stores here (check the phone book if you dun believe me).
    Would love any site sponsors to set up shop here

    Anyway, I am after a machine with low maintainance as I am unlikely to send it away for serving/repairs as postage alone is not worthwhile.

    I narrowed it down to the La Pavoni Pro, as due to my simple knowledge that levers means less things going wrong?! is that right?
    And the other being the Racilio Silvia V3. Which should I go for?

    I had a look at all the Silvia's on offer and the price ranged from $500-700+ (reputable websites/site sponsors).
    And since I cannot walk into a shop or have much after sales service, should I just go with the cheapest?
    Am I missing anything here?

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    Use the quote form at the bottom of the page - the sponsors are all reputable sellers


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      When I say reputable most will bench test a machine prior to sale. This includes scacing to ensure it runs at the right temperature. They will also

      "Ensure there are no panel defects

      Open the machine up, do a visual inspection to make sure nothing has moved (boilers have been known to shift internally from shocks, and cause issues)

      Fill the boiler with the element disconnected and make sure the pump has primed correctly (if this is not done by a skilled operator, damage can result to pumps and elements)

      Check the fill level and adjust if necessary (wet steam anyone?)

      Adjust OPV or rotary pump to deliver 9 Bar at the group

      Check group temps once the machine is warm, fit restrictors if required

      If it's a PID controlled machine generally they will look at the offset value and adjust accordingly for an accurate display as well."

      So going the cheapest will have risks...


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        Just to clarify, that last (quoted in this thread) post was more specific to E61 heat exchanger machines, the Silvia is alot simpler and only the boiler prime / OPV adjust really applies.


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          Thanks for all the info/link.

          I wasnt thinking of buying overseas, but note the price variation from even buying locally.
          Its good to know where the 'extra' cost comes from.


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            With the Compak a Silvia will make great espresso (as long as you temp surf) and boiler size is more than adequate for you and a friend. If the machine is for entertaining many friends... you need a dual boiler/HXer machine and more than twice the budget (or buy a poor man's dual boiler/HX - eg a 6910 or Simmonelli Oscar)

            I don't have experience with Pavoni but both machines should last a very long time. Just don't forget to refill the water tank with Silvia. The 6910/Simmonelli Oscar aren't likely to be as long lived,
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              dont overlook the Ponti Veccio Export and Lusso lever m/c's