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  • Sunbeam EM7000 or Silvia

    Hi There,

    Long time follower, first time poster.

    My Sunbeam EM8800 died before Christmas, so I am on the hunt for a new machine.

    Decided to give the EM9300 a go, it was advertised at a great price. After setting it up, and making a coffee, I really disliked it. The temperature of the milk was approx 35 degrees in the cup, and tasted very ordinary. So it has been packed up and being returned today.

    I have the options of the EM8910 at the same great price, or the EM7000 for roughly the same price. My wife likes the simplicity of the automatic machine, whereas I would like to get a manual machine for greater control over the coffee.

    I am tossing up between the EM7000 or the Rancilio Silvia (very similar in price). I will admit that I have briefly researched them, but thought the best opinions are from users of the machines. I am open to suggestions for other machine. I was hoping to keep the machine to under $1000.


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    FULL DISCLOSURE: I haven't actually used a Silvia.

    With that being said, I tossed up between these machines for a month and ended up going with the Sunbeam and I couldn't be happier.

    From the research I did, most of the recommendations for the Silvia were predicated on its Italian heritage, history and reliability. When it comes to consistently putting a high quality product in the cup however, the adjustable PID, pre-infusion, programmable volumetric extraction and temp/pressure gauges won out, particularly for when my wife uses the machine.

    The great thing is that if you're more into the manual method, you can choose to discard all of these - except the PID of course but that's something that even Silvia advocates will acknowledge.

    There is absolutely something to be said for the proven track record of the Silvia but for my money, the Sunbeam was a clear winner in the end.


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      Thanks to everyone for their replies and inboxes.

      I grab a EM7000 yesterday, and am very happy with the coffee it's producing.