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  • EM6910 grouphead question

    Having just upgraded to the 6910 through gumtree from a cafe Crema I'm thrilled with the difference in coffee quality, but just a quick question. How far should the portafilter move to the right normally? Also I can't seem to locate a working link to the collar replacement guide(for future insurance)


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    Normally no further than 6 o'clock (pointing straight at you).

    For the guide search google using "EM69xx Service and rebuild Guides"
    Ignore the first link you find and use the link in post #23.
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      Thanks I now have the guide. Its very thorough shouldn't be an issue if I need it. I'm a Registered nurse and electrician so should be able to cope with any emergencies. The guy I bought it off piled the the basket full and tight so I suspect its been well overdosed in its life. Handle locks in around the 4-5 mark but no leaks. Should I do anything about it or wait? Will have to look up a good maintenance guide too.


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        If you don't know how old the group head seal is (blue silicon ring) then I'd be inclined to replace it. When I got my used 6910 last year the PF would lock at 4.30 to 5 o'clock. Replacing the seal in the 2.5 year old machine fixed the problem. While you're replacing the seal you can also give the inside of the shower screen a clean. I also descaled and backflushed the machine as well.

        Don't know why people overdose, just buy a bigger basket.


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          Yeah I see the blue seal, will get some to have on hand so I don' have to worry about downtime too much. By backflush I presume you mean the blind basket forcing water up through the screen? How often should I do this as at the moment I am brush cleaning/flushing the screen and grouphead only.


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            Yes a backflush involves you putting the grey rubber blind disc (it should be inside the back door) in the double basket and putting a few doses of water through using the manual button.

            Do yourself a favour though, and pull out the showerscreen (this will come out when you go to take out the blue seal - just remove the single screw in the centre) and pull it all apart and give it a good clean and scrub. If the machine has an unknown heritage you may end up backflushing grinds and god knows what else back through the system.


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              Thanks for the advice will do