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EM6910 no main pump, low hot water and steam pump. Had red light. now just not worki

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  • EM6910 no main pump, low hot water and steam pump. Had red light. now just not worki

    had red light and beep warning go off recently but machine was still working, but now after a few uses, there's no water coming out the main bulk head, there's very low steam and very low hot water coming out. it
    the pump noise sounds the same.
    As much as I hate to admit its about 5 years old and only cleaned once over a year ago. A barrista told me it had to be done and gave me some cleaning powder. I know, a shameful embarrassment on my behalf.
    Sorry if it's been asked before but I looked around the forum but couldn't find any exact problem. as this.
    Can somebody offer any advise on what the issue could be please? so I may gauge my options.

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    warning lights are there for a reason look up the warning lights meaning in the manual or online, other then that I suggest you don't plug it in till you know what is going on with your machine.


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      thanks Steve, . to late though. No warning lite now and ironically not working. Wont be turning it on again.
      BTW if any one can fix in Sydney please let me know.


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        I am having the same issue. I bought the machine off gumtree and was working when I picked it up. i then gave the machine a good clean. Both descaled it and back flush clean as well. Machine turns on heats up but no water dispenses from the group head. I have searched through this forum and on the net to try and work out what the issue is. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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          Machine fixed

          Update: managed to get my machine working. Looks like there was an air pocket in the system which stopped it from working correctly. Followed the Sunbeam purge instructions and problem fixed. I did have to follow the instructions 3 times before all was good. I have to admit that I am a bit surprised that I did not come across the purge instructions in my search to my issue. Happy to share them but I can't seem to upload the document to my reply here. Happy to email them to whoever needs them, just PM me.


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            performed a factory reset and the red lights back on again. pumping hot water and steam fine, maybe the group head too but sounds a little under pressure and not hearing the usual woosh as water comes out the drip tray at the end of the cycle.

            Used general purge instructions.
            My email is the caff at jltek. net if anyone has other instructions.
            Could the water filter be the cause and need replacing? it's been about 8 months of weekly use.


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              After performing sunbeam purge instructions steamer appears blocked as steam comming has has reduced.
              Other , main and hot water ok.
              Need to investigate blockage in steamer.
              Looking for guide.. tbc..thanks.