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  • EM7000 Coffee Pressure Dial

    Hi there,

    I bought a EM7000 and a EM0480 grinder yesterday, and had great success from the very first coffee. The coffee pressure was spot on, and the coffee was nice.

    Today, I made the coffees the same way, however, the coffee pressure dial didn't move. Am I doing something wrong?


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    There's a couple of places to start looking:

    * Beans will change over time, depending on how many days (sometimes hours) between shots your grind may need adjusting. A lack of pressure build up during your shot suggests you need a finer grind, or a higher dose.


    * Grind / dose / tamp - if you're new to this caper, the more obvious place to look is here. It's pretty hard to be perfectly consistent in this regard when you first start, and they will all play havoc with getting a good shot. Getting a good process and method so you're doing the same dose and tamp every time means you only need to adjust grind as you use different beans and the same beans over time. Reduce the variables.

    Search here or google for tips on how to grind, dose and tamp, and also try reading up on the 5c test.

    And welcome to the fun! What you've experienced and the desire to improve it is probably how most of us ended up as CSers!