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  • Sunbeam and Breville machines

    Hi I am a new guy to the forum and also to espresso machines. I apologize if this has been covered before.
    Well I always wanted to get myself a decent espresso machine and as a surprise for xmas my partner got me a Breville bes250. Unfortunately it was not what I would have chosen as I heard a lot of negative reviews about it but was a good introduction to espresso making.
    So anyway after the first week of using it I ordered a set of unpressurized filters because the dual wall ones were rubbish. I bought myself a Breville Smart Grinder and started brewing some alright looking shots on average 2-4 per day. Well my joy was short lived as on the weekend the portafilter decided to work its way loose with every shot, spraying water and coffee grinds all over the wall. I suspect the group seal is buggered. Lucky for warrantys!
    Now my dilemma is I would like to upgrade to something that will last more than one month...
    I have been eying off the Breville bes840 or the Sunbeam em6910 as they tend to have relatively good reviews and a decent following. The other one I have been seriously considering was a Lelit PL041 as it looks a lot more serious and higher quality.

    My question is not how do these compare but how long a life people usually get out of a properly maintained Breville or Sunbeam machine with regular use. I am a bit shy to purchase another one as I don't want to be sending off for a warranty every few months.

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    the two machines from the appliance companies that have been in the limelight (im sure you're already aware) are the em6910/em7000 and breville dual boiler (bdb). all seem pricey and IMO have poor value for what you pay as compared to say a silvia or lelit. 2nd-hand em6910's are typically selling for prices between 100-300. compared to silvias which are much older than the sunbeams (2-7 years) selling for upwards of 300, and newer ones going for 500+. it really does go to show how much value they hold. all that said i have seen many 6910's working well after 2-3 years of use and seem great value for money if buying second hand. BDBs are a little harder to gauge since ive been struggling to find many on the second hand market.... but it could just be that they are a treat to use and not many are willing to part with them??

    just my 2 cents anyway

    bames wrote this on another thread i think would be relevant here:

    Have you checked the for sale section? There are second hand silvias in excellent condition comIng up in there often for around that price range. I would highly recommend. Not only will a 2nd hand silvia produce better coffee, it will last longer and be worth more money when youre done with it.
    A VV, BES840 or 2nd hand Silvia will cost you (say) about $400 now. If the VV or BES are still working in 3 years time, the VV will be worth about $100, the BES840, id guess about $50. The Silvia will still be working and probably worth between $200-$300 (depending on how good condition you keep it).
    Net result - VV costs you $300, BES840 $350, Silvia $100-$200.