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Advice on first setup + My introduction!

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  • Advice on first setup + My introduction!

    As you all, Im here because I love coffee, not just any coffee, but good quality coffee. Im looking for my first setup and looking for some advice. Ive been trawling the site looking for some answers, but I thought I'd started my own thread to be more personalised and to introduce myself.

    Ive spent a lot of time roaming the world in particular Europe and have the taste of the bean. In Europe (mostly Balkans) I drank Turkish coffee and Kava (espresso) and when in Austria more cafe macchiato.

    Now recently home in Australia, im looking at brewing at home. I think 80% ill drink cafe Latte or similar and the rest straight espresso.

    Ive been reading a lot into Silvia, but not sure. I will be typically used 2-3 times per day.

    My budget is around $500-600 for a setup, and I dont mind buying second hand if its in good condition.

    Any advice what I should be looking into?


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    Hi Roan and welcome to the forum.

    The Silvia seems to be a very popular machine in that price range and although I personally don't know too much about it, I do hear lots of positive feedback on it & have recently directed a friend with a similar budget to yours to seriously consider getting one.
    To get the best possible out of any machine, you will need a 1/2 decent grinder if to go with the machine.
    I believe there are some good deals around at the moment for Rancilio Silvia's and grinders as a package. Might even be a good idea to use the "Email all the CoffeeSnobs Site Sponsors at once using the QUOTE FORM" at the bottom of the page to get a response from site sponsors directly who are able to help.

    There is tons of information on this forum, so happy reading and ask questions.


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      80% Latte?
      I have Silvia and very happy with it - but I drink 95% espresso. Latte is ok with silvia - but you will not be able to do it quickly/ or many cups at the same time. With your budget though there are not many other options.
      Remember that machine is nothing without a decent grinder. The cheapest functional ones are brevilles and Sunbeams - start from 160 (and I think that they will work with Silvia).
      Cheapest silvia - brand new is now on special at 499.
      If you decide second hand - try getting a set with Silvia/PID + grinder.


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        +1 for the Silvia, PID and Grinder. always the ability to upgrade it.


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          If you're drinking a lot of lattes then the Sunbeam EM6910 paired with the EM0480 grinder would also do a decent job. I picked up this combination over Xmas for my sister in law in Adelaide for $250, less than 2 years old. Can be had new on special at times for around $700.00.

          I have the EM6910 paired with the Breville BCG800, mostly milked based drinks with the occasional espresso and long black.

          The twin thermoblocks of the 6910 mean you can extract espresso and texture milk at the same time. The 6910 is capable of producing very good shots.