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  • Grimac 2 Group machine

    Hi Guys, long time, no see! I haven't stopped drinking coffee but life, new job, move to the country, retirement and Aquaponics all got in the way.

    There's a Grimac 2 group machine being advertised for $190. From what I can find out the type seems good, the machine is semi-commercial but I can't find any info yet to back up the owner's claim about the pump...

    Espresso coffee machine GRIMAC 2 Group Made in Italy (Commercial)
    Good condition, currently not working, needs new water pump.
    Very easy to repair as this machine is popular and parts are available.
    Average cost for this machine s/hand working is $2,000
    Bargain..must sell this week !
    Given 2 pages of Google didn't provide definitive results about even what kind of pump it uses, let alone availability, I am wondering is the claim is just to get rid of it

    Does anyone have a contact I can ask or maybe know of whether this would actually be an easy fix?

    Thanks in Advance.

    EDIT: Sorry forgot to say I am in Bendigo so if I need to get it fixed professionally it would need to be here or Melbourne (or close by)
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    The pump in a Grimac 2 group would be a standard Procon rotary pump - easy to source from any repairer or parts supplier (i.e. not a part specific to a Grimac).

    Although I believe the company bring in Grimacs (and parts) has now switched to another brand, so in the longer term specific Grimac parts may become harder to source. But basic service parts are generic enough that the machine should be able to be kept running for the long term.

    There is at least one specialist espresso machine repairer in Bendigo, although he's not a sponsor here.


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      do you know if it has a rotary or vibratory pump? if it has a vibratory, there's only a select few different styles of them used in pretty much every coffee machine. that means you'll be pretty much able to swap a pump from any other machine into it, or just buy one for like $30-40.
      specs for a standard vibratory are 40-50W, 240V with a standard 1/8" threaded female output and a hose nipple input that fits a 1/8" or thereabout hose.

      for example, i bought a krups automatic machine with a broken pump the other week, then bought a leaking breville ESP8B with a good pump to swap out. the krups had some random brand pump in it and the breville had a standard Ulka EP5. although the brands were so different, the connections and fittings were the same.

      if it has a rotary pump then i can't really offer any ideas because i've never even used or seen one.


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        Journeyman, it will be a Procon rotary pump.

        Yes, they are easy to replace and readily available as they are standard issue in many commercial machines irrespective of the brand.

        Grimac started off making parts for coffee machine companies....then advanced to selling complete units under its own brand.

        Of course, the pump is just one item. Other expensive parts are the electric motor, touch pads, electronic control unit, flow meters, and rotary switch.

        I have the two-group Grimac Eclisse which has never given me any problems for several years ---after I replaced the pressure gauge with a Rancilio one, replaced the broken sight glass, and a shorted solenoid.


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          Thanks for the replies - sounds good so I will ask the vendor some more questions.

          I'm reasonably handy around tools and most things electric - is replacing a pump a home job or do I need to find a service guy? i.e. is it more than undoing some screws, maybe some clamps or other fasteners, remove faulty unit and add in new one? Any tricks or gotchas I'd need to be aware of?


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            You should have no problems removing and replacing the pump once accessed by removing the side panels. Remove in and outlet pipes, undo motor clamp.

            Some hints from Procon here

            Make sure it is the pump, though. Might be the motor, or the touchpads or even something simpler like an electrical connector come adrift.


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              I missed the Grimac, but have now purchased, so this thread is passé. Thanks for the replies...