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    Hi, I may have an opportunity to acquire a Klub T1 espresso machine. I've never heard of them before, and as such I have no idea if it's something worth grabbing - (asking will be a couple of hundred I think). Thoughts?

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    Chinese-built machine. The T1 is built better than the later L2, and basic service parts are available, but I wouldn't bother with one. Some parts aren't available, and the build quality is questionable - I've had to fit a brand new boiler to a machine that was only a few months old - and the replacement boiler eventually failed too!

    A fortnight ago we scrapped a dozen of these (a couple of T1s, and the rest L2s) since they just aren't worth fixing up if anything major goes wrong, and they aren't really worth anything even in working condition.


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      Thanks for the advice. I'll look elsewhere. Cheers.