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Smaller silvia steam tip hole?

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  • Smaller silvia steam tip hole?

    Does anyone think the V3 steam wand lets out too much steam pressure when fully open? I think it would benefit from a smaller diameter hole. I was getting better microfoam with the V2 wand because of the more controlled outlet hole size. I am usually steaming in a small jug which take about 10-15 seconds to get up to temp. The V3 wand is great in bigger jugs but for a machine that is designed to do 1-2 cups at a time, i think rancilio should make an aftermaket smaller diameter tip for smaller jugs. thoughts?

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    Then don't open the steam all the way then. It ain't exactly rocket surgery. If fully open is too much then tone it down a wee bit.


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      Ive tried that but the difference between on and off is about 3mm of turning which makes it very dificult to find the mark within 10 seconds of steaming


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        Find the sweet spot and then mark it on your machine... use a piece of tape if you're not too keen on marking your shiny Silvia


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          Should be able to steam comfortably with full steam ahead. Perhaps keep the jug in the fridge?


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            ill give it a go, cheers