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Silvia grind pickiness

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  • Silvia grind pickiness

    I'm not sure if I can isolate anything particular with my technique, but:

    combo A: expobar megacrem + compak K8 + random basket
    combo B: silvia + compak K3 + VST

    using a naked pf on each machine.

    with combo A, I can make a passable double ristretto pretty much every time. with combo B, it either gushes or starts to choke - if I have it on the choking side, the ristretto is pretty good, but there is significant flow from the OPV back into the tank. with a nudge on the grind adjustment it can make a reasonable normale espresso.

    does this mean I need to back off the OPV and increase the pressure? should I try measuring the 30 second output from the OPV to do it properly?

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    Have you read through this thread? May be something in there that can help.


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      I really don't think there is an issue with the Silvia + VST basket.. I used the VST on the Silvia a lot.

      Never had an issue, except when I didn't pay attention to the dosage! My grinder is/was a Macap M4 - and the compak is comparable. So it must be technique. Haven't had the Silvia for a few years now, but I do recall some issues with dosage till I dialled it in. Significant flow from the OPV though - is the pressure set at 9bar? On mine it was more like 11 when I got it - setting it to 9 did increase the recirc to the tank a fair bit!

      Keep trying! Maybe down-dose a fraction? I used the level with the top of basket and tamp...



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        I tried the expobar with a single basket today - I've never made a single this good before. i don't know what it is... the machine is just so forgiving of technique (eg I levelled but I used my finger rather than a knife, and so the surface wasn't perfectly smooth).


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          I have an Expobar Minore right now... I find it is very forgiving too - unless you put stupid amounts of coffee in the basket or grind for Turkish!

          Even the shots that tend to rush a bit are still quite good. Not perfect (of course) but quite drinkable. But when you nail it

          Miss Silvia is definitely a bit more picky, but not overly so. I never had much of an issue - once I got it close. But she did seem to choke more easily than the Expobar. Don't understand why that would be so though. Does yours have the adjustable OPV? (Miss SIlvia!)

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            Hardly comparing apples with apples here people, Silvia an $800 machine up against an Expobar Megacrem @ over $3000 and a Minore $2700.
            Is there a reason for you to suspect a problem with the OPV on your Silvia Hildy?


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              well, it was $500 machine (silvia) vs 1k machine (megacrem, used). but the megacrem is even more forgiving than a giotto.

              There is no reason to suspect a problem with the OPV, other than I have more recirculation than I would expect - but I have no experience on a silvia-class machine to compare to.


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                Originally posted by KJM View Post
                I really don't think there is an issue with the Silvia + VST basket.. I used the VST on the Silvia a lot.
                Regardless, it might be worth swapping the baskets over between the two machines and see what difference (if any) it makes.