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  • em6910 flow rate

    Hi guys, I've had my em6910 for nearly 12months now and i think everything is going ok. things recently improved with the purchase of my awesome Pullman tamper but I have a query regarding the flow rate of the water out the shower screen.

    I've recently been on holidays staying with another family member who has been using his old em6910 whilst waiting for a replacement dual boiler from breville. now his em6910 has some minor differences to mine as its quite an early one. obviously sunbeam did some minor running changes with the model.

    this brings me to my question. I noticed the water on his, when you flush water through the group head without the handle in, comes out like a shower. mine on the other hand has 4 distinct spurts (if you imagine 4 holes in a square eg 2 x 2), rather than a shower of water. i've had the shower screens out to clean them on many occasions so they are clean and well maintained. is this one of the running changes? or should mine pour more like a shower? would this matter if the volume of water coming out is the same?

    we have the same setup, same grinder, same machine and same beans (merlo kenyan) and yet i reckon mine 'blondes' a bit quicker on my machine (this is compared to me using his machine, so same operator). could the difference in the way they distribute the water have anything to do with it?

    coffee still tastes ok but just thought i'd make sure there wasn't a problem as my machine nears the end of its warranty period. apparently the later ones are near bullet proof so just making sure.

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    Just checked mine and it comes out in a circle shower effect - quite fast too, more than I thought given I normally just give it a couple of secs to wash grinds off. Circle is not quite as large around as the shower screen but close. From what I was told mine is about 2yr old.

    Ring Sunbeam or maybe PM A_M here on the site - he seems a bit of a guru on them.


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      I have one for my partner at her work, from memory it ran in 4 almost distinct streams of water. When i first got the machine secondhand i thought this too be odd, thinking it may have needed a good clean which i did. However after cleaning the same result...

      Mind you the machine still runs really well and better than i had ever expected. So well my partner says it produces a better coffee than our machine at home.....



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        thanks coffeechris, sounds like same as mine.