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Delonghi EAM3500 wiring diagram

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  • Delonghi EAM3500 wiring diagram

    I've got a Delonghi EAM3500 superauto i'm repairing that i got from someone who claimed that her husband, an "electrician", has worked on but didn't have the time to fix it. He replaced the entire heat exchanger for the steam but it only had a blown thermal fuse on it and the element was fine (?). He also directly linked live to a neutral switched triac across another thermal fuse on the exchanger, causing my home fuse to blow (i hadn't checked it first).

    Basically, the part he replaced had different connectors on it, and he cut the old ones off and used some numbering system for the connectors which doesn't make sense. I'm at a loss of how to wire this thing really, seems that any wiring combination i use links live to neutral in some way. Has anyone worked on one of these before or knows where to get Delonghi service manuals or wiring diagrams?
    There is barely any service information for Delonghi machines online so i'm hoping somebody may have some resources available.
    If required, i can take photos of the old and new heat exchangers and the wiring.


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    never mind i figured it out. mods, lock or delete thread please?