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Leaky Silvia - Melbourne Repair?

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  • Leaky Silvia - Melbourne Repair?

    I have a v2 - I think - Silvia which I have used and abused for the last 4-5 years. I noticed the other day that there was a constant drip down behind the splash guard into the drip tray.

    I took things apart and had a look and there's a constant stream of water coming out by the earth wire - not looking good. I'm fairly handy - installed a PID, replaced seals etc - but this looks like a major. Does anyone know of anyone in or around the bayside suburbs who could do a quick turnaround investigation? Complicating factor - I'm off over the ditch in two weeks and it needs to come with me!

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    That would be the boiler gasket then. I can certainly help, feel free to get in touch via


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      Awesome - I just sent you a mail.