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  • Sunbeam EM7000 feedback

    I`ve got a Sunbeam EM7000 with a Sunbeam EM0480 grinder. Looking back through the forums there is not a lot of issues being posted about the EM7000, so, I`m posting about the lack of issue.
    I use a EM6910 at work, with a EM0480 grinder so can claim to make some comparison.
    Previous at home EM5400 and a EM0410 grinder bought as second hand, (put a tube back on repair), while working out what machine I really wanted.

    Once you get the EM0480 grinder right, I mean this one settles at a setting of 3 to 5, from new, and I think the issue with the EM0480 is well documented, the sheer fact there are shims available is the give away, I`ve got 2 on order but won`t use them unless required (Sunbeam shim on E-bay). Sunbeam customer service had me send the first EM0480 grinder back and exchange it the next day, it would not grind fine enough at all. Pretty good chap at customer service.
    It`s dead easy to get a coffee pressure dial reading of smack bang in the middle of the orange, every time. Tamp the same to 4mm from the top, and pay attention to adjusting the grinder only.
    Heaps of steam, the milk temp indicator makes it dead easy, just keep an eye for the mid orange mark on the milk temp dial.

    The EM7000 is a huge improvement on the EM6910 in my opinion, they`ve been out for 9 months, if there`s issues or lack there of, put them up, this is my first post (my interest in coffee is making a repeatable good cup every time, very novice, while those 2 dials on the EM7000 is in the orange its all good)

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    That's a good report, thanks.

    I've had some long ummmm and ahhhh sessions over the EM7000. We were so burned by our experience with the EM6900 and abysmal Sunbeam support that we swore off all Sunbeam products for the rest of our lives (including chucking out the hand mixer we had at the time, too).

    But I've read a lot of good things about the 7000, and it is a decent price, too.


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      Yeh, I`ve only read the advertised, and used, bought, enjoy the product. I was hoping to read some informative posts, from other users of the EM7000 (called networking), on how they`re going with their machine, grinders and methods. (nothing of note has been mentioned so far). Looking back at most products in all brands the issues are well documented, which is good, buy the spare part or improved spare part that gives you grief and move on. And that is what should be communicated about now for the EM7000, the issues, the fixes, the mods, or lack of issue thereof. I`ll be keeping out of "coffee politics for who`s the best brand" , so only genuine replies to this thread. Keep both dials in the orange


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        Other than the temp gauge and slightly different look, how does the EM7000 differ to the EM6910 to make a huge improvement over it?

        Glad you are enjoying your new machine!



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          My 6910 makes a decent coffee when I get the beans, grind and tamp right. I understand about the dials for novices but I was taught to steam the milk by touch (when you can't, that's hot enough) and the other aspects would seem to be not to do with the machine so much as the operator.

          I know the EM0480 and the EM0450 fairly well - check out my thread on the things I went through with the 480 - but I am told they both are lacking in the ability to produce consistent particle size for a given grind setting - that can make a significant difference not just to other machines, but even on the day-to-day use of the 6910.

          What is your experience with coffee? How does your set up compare to other equipment?

          Not trying to be proddy here, just curious - in recent times there have been a number of people come on here to extol the virtues of the EM7000 - it would be handy to know the depth of your knowledge and experience so we can evaluate how much credence we can place on your recommendation.


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            I too have noticed the lack of criticism of the EM7000 since it was first introduced, at the moment have the EM6910 but intend to upgrade to the newer machine if I dont hear of any major problems in the next couple of months.


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              Well, the EM0480 grinder had settled out at a 3 setting to get a pour right in the middle of the orange. Yep, those 2 shims (0.25mm each) did arrive from e-bay ($1 each plus $0.60 postage) and I couldn`t help myself, decided to get this grinder doing what I paid for it to do, grind at 12. I really loathe to fix something myself out of the box, that`s some grinder feedback. It`s even worse when it`s the second grinder, because the first grinder exchanged was worse out of the box. There`s some more free feedback.
              I pulled it apart to see 5 shims already in there from new, good grief. Give it a clean, followed the e-bay shim supplier instructions on the net, and give it a run. It took both extra shims to get a perfect pour in the orange at 12 on the grind setting. Mathematicians, that`s 7 shims. I guess the best grinder in the EM0480 is the one that`s been shimmed to suit, I would never have thought 7 shims though. Production tolerances look poor for the grinder.

              Journeyman, my first post in this thread has all the details re coffee making machines and grinder set ups of my past experience.

              Steiny555 Paul, with the improvements that I have noticed of the EM7000 to the EM6910, without looking under the hood, I notice there is plenty more steam, being delivered better.? Obviously I like the temp gauge but like most was used to doing that by hand. The sheer fact that the EM7000 comes out with only a single wall filter is basically steering away from supermarket beans and pre-ground coffee in my opinion (it`s limiting as well to having to use a conical burr grinder), so the call center would have to have punters ringing saying I can`t get pressure on a pour. They`ll probably tell you to get their EM0480 grinder and fresh beans and I can tell you for nothing out of the box that you`ll need to shim the grinder. So, what I have to say here is, when both dials are in the middle of the orange, mate it`s a great cup, because it`s a single wall filter, and it`s repeatable. Going naked might be a problem, new angle group head. The EM7000 is quieter than the EM6910, heaps quieter. I`ll have a look around for tech stuff on the differences, but just using it is enough for a "one step above novice" to tell. I don`t think a novice would enjoy it, to be honest, to get the grinder right, then start on the machine and yourself, I would think having some prior experience or someone to steer you would suit.


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                Hey yehyoubet, I did read your 1st post and I wasn't having a go at you. (just in case you thought I was) I was genuinely curious as to whether you'd had other home/work machines before the 6910. When i got my 6910 I was probably a bit enthusiastic over being able to make good coffee at home and had a number of people tell me to settle down because almost every other machine/grinder was capable of better than I was getting.

                So I was curious as to whether you had experience OTHER than the SB's with which to compare the 6910/7000 experience.

                Out of the box with 5 shims and STILL needing adjustment is BS - something so poorly made from the production line should be sent back and scrapped or fixed.


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                  My old EM0480 was able to grind fine enough to choke my Silvia as it came out of the box. No shims required. I think I normally ran the grinder on a setting of about 5 with fresh beans


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                    It`s all good Journeyman, the em6910 is still at work and shared with 50 people, with an em0480 grinder, it grinds at 13 with who knows how many shimmy's, there`s a few on each shift that show it some love, its not all neglected. The em5400 comes away on hols with me, with em0410 grinder, it goes better than walking to the shop.....and home is the em7000 and the 7 shimmy em0480. Agreed, it`s only 3 machines, and the point of this whole thread to to get some shared learning on the pitfalls and upside of the em7000 machine being out for less than a year, the grinder pitfalls are well documented. It`s BS, and as long as there`s adjustment either way for different beans the grinder can stay. I thought I can fix it for $2.60 or continue getting run around.

                    Yeh Mentasm, what grinder have you now, and is it any good? I want to hear more about good ones. The em-0480 arrived with 5 shims in it already, right out of the box, and yes it run on 3 to 5. It would choke on 2 with a heavy tamp, touchy. 2 more shims and its a 12. You know the instructions say to grind at a 10 to 12 setting lol. I saw a lot of posts on here, saying that the reassemble process is the reason for the grinder performing at a low setting of 1 to 7 for eg. Don`t think so, if you can close your eyes and touch your nose with your finger you can reassemble it right, and the availability of shims is a giveaway, they`re there because you need them. I am sure some run well out of the box, but forums are full of frustrated users with questions. I bet a lot of you closed your eyes before and touched your nose.....

                    I wonder if they`re selling many EM7000`s? Or if the run out sales of EM6910`s are still strong......cause I`m still chasing the good and bad on EM7000`s as time goes on.


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                      I upgraded to the rocky with a doser. Much, much happier with it. Cost me around $300 and was money well spent. Grind is very consistent, quicker than the em0480 and not as messy


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                        I have had an EM6900 for around seven years now.
                        The ONLY issue was soft metal in the group head collar. It's had two replacements and yesterday a loud "crack" sound and grounds everwhere suggest a final catastrophic failure.
                        So I'm in the market for a new machine.
                        I see that the sales information for the EM7000 says that the collar is brass. If this has fixed the "soft metal" problem I will almost certainly buy the new machine.
                        Can anyone comment please.


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                          The collar on the 6910 (and presumably the 6900) is brass, but all brasses are not equal.
                          I think you will find the collars of most espresso machines are brass as it is a readily machined non-corroding material, so probably only time and experience will tell if Sunbeam have improved the collar on the 7000.



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                            Just suffered the same problem - developed a leaking group head on a 6900 and ripped out the collar srews by overtightening the handle - destroyed collar (it was a replacement one too - growl) and decided to upgrade to a newer machine to avoid throwing good manoey after bad. So have just found a 7000R (the red one) at a good price. It looks amazing! So far one coffee - not bad, suspect I under filled the basket so need to experiment with that and perhaps grind finer (I have a 480 grinder but it seems to be a well behaved one, makes fabulous stovetop coffee with grind on 16)


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                              How`d you go markir? Have you dialed in all your pours in the orange yet mate?