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Advice required for Machine Purchase

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  • Advice required for Machine Purchase

    This is my first chat in this forum and really need some advice.

    I am in the process of renovating a house in the Barossa Valley for a Bed and Breakfast.

    The dilemma is what coffee machine to buy? , it will need to be very easy to use and clean.

    Maybe semi-auto or dare I say pods!, but will also need to have as good a flavour as I can get.

    Does anyone know which is the best unit for its use?
    I appreciate any advice I can get, any ideas !

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    Is it for providing coffee for guests, for the guests to use themselves? If so, a superautomatic might be a better option if you plan to provide fresh beans. There was an interesting machine recently covered on here...


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      Yes, it solely for the guest to use. I have looked at super automatic and it may be the way to go, the Breville does look good and seems to be reasonably priced compared to some others.


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        The reason I suggest superautos is that I've been entirely unimpressed with pods and you're likely to be dealing with a demographic who, by and large, won't be able to make proper use of a semiauto to produce better results than a superauto would give.


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          I wouldn't even bother with a machine personally. If you are planning to supply good quality and reasonably fresh beans, then supply a half decent grinder, a plunger and some instructions.
          It'll do better than a superauto and will hopefully not break down.


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            pod, aeropress, handgrinder, fresh beans.

            for people who don't care about the taste of their coffee: pod
            for people who do: aeropress and porlex is low maintenance, easy to clean.


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              I would firstly suggest consider the market your marketing to so without really knowing the demographic and the "Product" your promoting (The house that is) its hard to consider the fit of the machine (Is it overkill or is it tacky depending on quality of accommodation and clientele)

              Having said that, assuming its the average punter, as much as I appreciate good coffee a lot of people are satisfied with far less quality than our equipment will produce. Considering all things I'd supply a pod machine. To a lot of people this would be a novelty, to some its what they have at home and are happy with and for the coffee snobs, well lets face it we'd find something wrong or would have brought our own anyway. Add to this the issues with non functioning due to user error and I think the pod machines are a step up from most accommodation and easy. I'd also agree with the plunger and good beans ground prior to their arrival but really doesnt offer novelty factor but it does offer better quality. Once again it depends on your target market.

              Just my 2cents


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                Additionally to post 5 above.

                Dont bother with a grinder. Its just another piece of equipment the majority of your guests dont know how to use. Provide a couple of portion controlled packs of ground coffee for the size of plunger to be used.

                You either grind the coffee yourself before breakfast each day and pack in some kind of ziplock bag for easy access, or you just buy it packed appropriately from your supplier.

                You cannot give guests access to any coffee making equipment other than an infusion pot or a filter machine. The coffee must be preground - no grinder. That doesnt mean the coffee will be substandard (good plunger or filter are far better than mediocre pods just for the sake of having *espresso*....and how do you deal with the frothed milk they will invariably want?), and there are compromises that must be made in business. If the guests want something more, they will seek out the nearest cafe.


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                  Advice required for Machine Purchase

                  I would be very happy to stay at a B&B with a good quality super auto that had fresh beans in the grinder and was very easy to use. I would be less impressed with a pod machine but even that is more than most offer. A high quality manual espresso machine would be difficult for most people to use and would be relatively messy for beginners to use..I still make plenty of mess with mine.

                  I would though be very happy with with a plunger with freshly ground coffee and as an extra touch some nicely presented instructions on how to use it to make the best cup possible.


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                    Super Auto will generally be expensive and a pain to maintain, especially if it is one that froths its own milk. The milk lines need daily attention. I'd agree that maybe a POD machine would be the best, but to be honest, most people are going to be happy if you supply Moccona instant rather than Blend 43.

                    Maybe you could get yourself a good espresso machine and offer your guests fresh made coffee that you bring to them?


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                      We've stayed in a B&B that had a pod machine and while its not the best I could live with it for a few days and there was no mess. They had a bowl of different pods next to it. Other places have just had plungers or drip machines.


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                        Sounds silly, but I'm not sure this is the best place to ask this question. I would try to find a cross sample of average people (read: not coffee snobs!) to survey, and find out what they would expect/want/appreciate. You'll probably get a better reflection of what the average punter would actually use that way... I'd go out on a limb and say most would probably go for an International Roast sachet before they'd bother with a plunger/Aeropress, but I could be wrong!

                        I'd have to think that on balance of all considerations, a Nespresso pod style machine is likely going to cover most bases best with the least fuss. They're becoming incredibly popular and common, most people will be familiar with the concept and how to operate, they're easy to use, minimal fuss/mess/clean up required, and you'll get drinkable coffee (most outside of the Coffee Snobs community will generally gush about how great their pod machine coffee is).

                        So, I'd go with a pod style machine with a selection of pods to choose from, and maybe make available an Aeropress or two, along with a small selection of good quality, fresh beans for the more discerning coffee drinking guests.


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                          keep the aeropress and hand grinder in the office and say that it's available if requested.

                          if it's a B&B, what coffee are you serving with breakfast?


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                            Coffee grinder (sunbeam etc) + plunger + kettle + very good beans perhaps locally roasted. It would be amazing to walk into a b+B and find this rather than instant. It would take a real numpty too mess this up. I imagine most would appreciate it.