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Coffee and tea machine for small hair salon

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  • Coffee and tea machine for small hair salon

    Need to choose a coffee machine, with hot water also.
    Small hair salon, so expect to need 50 – 60 cups per day.
    Want to load already milled coffee, not beans.
    No requirement for milk frothing, but most machines seem to come with this.
    Dispensing hot water for tea (without risk of coffee taste)
    Large water tank or ability to run feed pipe to large bottle of water (5 litres or so).
    Cannot be permanently plumbed to mains
    Will have to pay what is required. It needs to be good and reliable, so a small domestic machine will not fit the bill.

    All suggestions would be great!

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    I'm probably going to get flamed for suggesting this, but here goes.

    At our work, we have recently had a Blue pod machine installed, our turnover has been around the same as you are expecting.
    The pods cost us $1 for a single shot and $1.50 for double shot pods (most of our people like strong coffee and prefer these), the machine is supplied and serviced free if you order 100 pods per month.
    Ordering is from an 1800 number and the pods arrive the next day.
    The water tank is said to provide 50 espressos , but a lot less long blacks, however for your turnover, you should only need to refill it twice a day at most.
    I think you can use it to provide hot water for tea.
    There are several machines to choose from, some with dual heads.

    I am a true coffee snob, I roast my own, have a dual boiler machine at home. At first, I refused to use this machine, until one day I had to use it, due to time constraints, it was either use this or nothing. My colleagues raved about it, so I gave it a go, it makes better coffee than our local coffee shop using a state of the art machine. It doesn't make a better coffee than a properly trained barista, using good freshly roasted coffee, but unless you have the funds and time for having a barista at work, it is the next best thing.
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      I've had some bad coffees from cafes, but for me a pod machine is a desperation measure - I'd probably rather have a Moccona instant - but then all I've ever had in pods has been the small home machines that would do about 5 cups before needing a refill. And I would use 2 pods per coffee to get enough flavour to taste the coffee.

      So given the constraints, maybe tiddler's idea is the one to go for, but you may want to ask for a trial run first - nothing puts a damper on the glow of an establishment like getting a crap coffee.


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        We (at work) wouldn't do 50 cups a day and we are now on our 5th Blue pod machine in just over a year.

        So lots of down-time and waiting for the tech to come and fix or replace.

        Give that you want to use pre-ground coffee, an espresso machine is not (IMO) your best option. Unless you have a good operator, the machine will make poor coffee and take lots of staff time.

        I'd be suggesting a french press or pour-over machine.



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          Our work machine is a Technosystem 2 group (single/double pod) machine. It does a good job for what it is. Easy to use, different blends of coffee including decaf available. Does hot water for tea, approx 5l tank.