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EM6910 new Collar, but group handle is now not staying put!

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  • EM6910 new Collar, but group handle is now not staying put!

    I've decided to upgrade, and in the process, donate my Sunbeam EM6910 to my son. However, I don't want to hand it over with problems, so I was hoping I may get some good troubleshooting advice here!

    I had the collar replaced on it last year, and I haven't used the machine very much since.

    Problem.... when extracting a shot, the group handle doesn't like to stay locked in and it starts moving back to the left, to the point where I now hold it in the centre so that it doesn't move.

    Initially I thought the new collar was a little tight and would wear in a bit. Then I thought it was me, so played with beans, grind, amount, tamp etc.

    I've cleaned it, replaced the seal, again, but now wondering if the old group handle is worn and... I maybe stating the obvious here, but if you get a new collar, should you get a new group handle at the same time?

    Any advice, suggestions....much appreciated. I think the old girl still has some life left in it !!

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    Maybe wear on the 'ears' of your group handle? Maybe see if you can borrow another one to test this!