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Sunbeam 6900. Repair or Upgrade?

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  • Sunbeam 6900. Repair or Upgrade?

    Hi all, my first post on this very informative forum.
    I've had a 6900 for a couple of years, replaced the collar once and recently the group seal. To replace the seal I removed the drip tray and water reservoir so I could lay the machine on its back. Cleaned the screens and put everything back together.
    Turned the power on at the wall and popped the RCD at the meter box. Doh!
    2 weeks of no machine and lots of searching this forum, I'd decided it may be time for a upgrade.
    Tried the 6900 one last time and it came to life, unfortunately it requires another collar.
    So do I trust the electrics and repair it or look to move on to something new.
    I would look at up to $2k for a new machine and I think a new grinder to suit.
    any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Peter.

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    Where are you located, I may be interested in giving you a couple of dollars for the 6900 if your wanting to move it on.


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      Profile update, I'm in Sydney.