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  • EM6910 help SOS

    I purchased a second hand very clean and new looking with manuals and everything EM6910 but i think i have been dudded,,,

    Just before i throw it out into the clean up maybe i am missing something,,,,

    I filled it up started it and waited for it to warm up and lights stopped flashing and gave it a whirl but its dead ...No pump action ...Tried manual to clean pipes Dead ,,,Tried steam wand Dead...Is it possible i missed a small yet very important peace of information before i toss salvage it for parts and toss the rest ????

    PS i purchased this to replace my aging yet fully functional EM6910....

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    Is the water container fully in? Another could be the magnet is not tripping the low water sensor


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      Yeah agree with Stan. Make sure the water tank is pushed fully in. Often when the EM6910 is not used in a while it can take a while for it to pump water through!