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EM6910 not pumping delicious coffee :(

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  • EM6910 not pumping delicious coffee :(

    Hi all,

    I've had my EM6910 for about 3 years now. Recently, after carrying it about 200m, it won't pump anything through the group head.

    Steam flows fine, and I can hear the pump working overtime but nothing is flowing out of the group head.

    This is very upsetting. I have to drive to get coffee now, and I'm all irritable and lethargic.

    I haven't been taking the best care of it, I'm thinking it could be a blockage :/ I've got no idea how to fix it.

    Please help!!

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    Search the site for posts by A_M - his older ones either deal with or link to EM6910 issues I think. There are quite a few posts describing things to do with EM6910 - including some from disgruntled users who will suggest special places to put them.

    If you haven't been looking after it I'd guess your shower screen and the filter inside that are gunked up - the move might have just shifted the gunk around to block the holes. Remove the water tank, take of the PF and the drip tray, then lay the machine on its back

    Carefully remove the shower screen (central screw) and then the Group Head seal (blue plastic ring) and clean them all. If the seal isn't flexible or is showing ruts or deep grooves you probably need a new one, but that wouldn't be stopping your pour. Maybe go on eBay and buy a new seal anyway - never hurts to have a spare on hand.

    NOTE: Take care to look at how the pieces come out so you know how they go back in. Clean the group head and surrounds - basically anything you can reach with damp cloth or small brush.

    The water tank has a calcium filter in it - you may never have refreshed it - stick it in some salt water and leave it soak for a few hours, then put it back in the water tank.

    Check the magnet (dark plastic bit) is in it's little holder inside the water tank - moving the machine might have dislodged it and now the machine thinks there is no water.

    If you can get water running through at all, go buy some descaler - you can buy the tablets designed for the 6910 (using the rubber plug thing attached to the door where the water is) or buy some descaling liquid and follow the directions.

    Anything more than this needed and you have a choice - go pay to get it fixed or do some searching on here for more instructions.


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      First thought is to make absolutely sure the water reservoir is properly seated. The steam side will continue to work for a while with the water in the thermoblock and tubes, but the brew system will run dry quickly.


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        Thanks journeyman, I'll check that out. Must appreciated


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          So I got around to having a look at the coffee machine in between study, and i'm pretty sure it's f**ked

          See attached:

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