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La Pavoni anyone?

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  • La Pavoni anyone?

    Anyone using this machine? would be interested in any comments.

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    Hey Balwoges,
    Maybe a bit more specific, re: which machine? As La Pav have several models in this $ range.



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      The Europiccola Chrome EN 2013 Ed. or Stradivara, the single lever models $1,000 and under ...


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        I have a Europiccola (have had one for about 16yrs), I have also used the Stradivari (Professional) version as well, similar concept bigger boiler on the pro model. You can get some good shots from the Euro, you are limited with the amount of shots you can pull (the professional model/s you can make more) & less if you are doing milk based drinks.
        Great to learn & experiment on in the art of espresso making.
        These machines tend to start overheating your coffee (I find on my machine after 3rd shot).
        There is a cool down time that is needed before you re-fill.
        I have swapped out the 3 hole tip for a single hole which improves milk texturing.

        It's not my main machine anymore & is semi-retired (used as my travel machine) but I still enjoy using it.

        If you end up with one pm me & FWIW I'd be happy to share with you some tips of what I have learned over the years to get good consistent shots.

        Hope some of this helps.....?


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          Thanks for your response, have read about the number of shots however its just me that will be using it and I only have a coffee mornings and sometimes in the afternoon. If I buy will also swap the 3 hole tip for the single.

          Since belonging to this forum have learned to read the coffee beans and grinds and make a good coffee on the EM6910, I figure if I can do this on the much maligned Sunbeam machine I should be able to make a great coffee on the simpler La Pavoni, and I just love the look of it