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EM6910 Leaking from Copper pipe connected to steam pump

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  • EM6910 Leaking from Copper pipe connected to steam pump

    Hi All,
    My out of warranty EM6910 has developed a fault whereby it is leaking water out from the ventilation holes on the bottom of the unit. Removing the side of the unit has quickly revealed where the problem is and it is leaking from the top of the steam pump. I've removed the copper piping (pictured below) and the seal has basically disintegrated.

    I've spent the last half hour searching online through various spare parts sites and forums for either a replacement part of details of the part so I could attempt to source elsewhere, so far I've had no luck. Does anyone have any experience in this area or recommendations on where I might look next?

    Many thanks in advance!
    Click image for larger version

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    if it`s the compression fitting you`re referring to, there is a repair on u-tube, by where the fitting nut is pulled back, pipe and compression fitting cleaned gently ensuring no metal loss (as this originally a metal on metal seal). Then the chap used PTFE Teflon thread tape, starting from the end of the tube and winding it until it was well over the compression fitting on the pipe overlapping by half each wind. Then the nut was pulled back down to the thread and wound back up tight, only wind it up, don`t back it off at all, ensure it gets wound up tight only. the PTFE tape effects the seal that is lost.......mate you`ve nothing to lose, this will cost you a couple of bucks.


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      I have a copy of the repair manual, I can email it to u if u like. It should have the part number you are after. Pm me your address