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Help - First Coffee Machine Choosing

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  • Help - First Coffee Machine Choosing

    Hi Guys,

    I am looking for a Coffee machine for home, the budget is around $1500 for both machine and the grinder.

    Now I am looking at two combination;

    1, NS Oscar + Rocky

    2, Brevilli BES 900 + Smart Grinder or Rocky

    I only drinking espresso, but my wife is a big fan of latte art.

    So any suggestion? Or any other better choices?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Another grinder suggestion that should your budget would be to look at the Compak K3
    I believe one of the site sponsors may have them on special too at the moment

    I personally had the NS Oscar before and it is definitely a beast. One of the best entry level HX machines around


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      Hi Evan,

      If you don't need a double boiler or HX machine, you could consider a better grinder and a single boiler machine with PID. As an espresso drinker a combination skewed more towards the grinder could give you more in the cup. Or if you can stretch the budget a little you can have it all ;-) There are sponsor deals around at the moment for under $2K that are amazing value.

      If you can tell us more about the intended use (eg any big orders for milky drinks or is just one or two at a time? is warm up time important?) you may get more feedback.



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        +1 for better grinder then the smart grinder, for straight espresso any small burr conical should be avoided or you will slowly turn into a latte drinker


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          I tend to agree with Lemoo, if you can afford one of those machines and can stretch it to get a Compak k3 you wont forget it.


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            Hi lemoo, yes, compak k3 is a good option as well, I will 100% think about it! Thanks


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              Hi Charlie, as a beginner, I probably start with $1500. Lol. Im a espresso drinker, but my wife only having latte and cappuccino, also she loves latte art, she usually take 4-5 liter milk to practice.

              Oh, yes, we got a rancillio Silvia with pid in the office, but I just want one better than that~ thanks


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                Haha, thanks Jimmy, I was a latte drinker, now turned into a espresso drinker~


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                  Yes! I found a price for k3 $420, rocky $399....


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                    Site sponsor Talk Coffee is currently selling the K3 for $399, if he has any left.

                    I have both the K3 and Rocky, they're both great in different ways. The K3 is more adjustable than the Rocky, so I think it's better for more advanced users. The Rocky is a fantastic starting grinder as its so easy to dial in.


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                      I have the Oscar - Fantastic machine. Go the K3 as well. Negotiate, hopefully someone will come to the party.

                      Cheers yabba


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                        Hey Jonathon, if they are the same price, I will definitely go K3!! Thanks for you INFO~


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                          Originally posted by yabba View Post
                          I have the Oscar - Fantastic machine. Go the K3 as well. Negotiate, hopefully someone will come to the party.

                          Cheers yabba
                          The coffee expo is opening next week, I might have a look the real machine and then make my final decision