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Gaggia Classic - somewhere to get mods done?

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  • Gaggia Classic - somewhere to get mods done?

    I have a GC made in 2007, bought new in 2008. Followed the advice here and replaced the steaming wand when it was new. No matter what I do with the grind (Solis grinder) and now matter how fresh the beans the pour is too quick and always has been. I've become used to the taste but I'd like to get this sorted so that I get a much better coffee. My thinking is that the mods described in this forum are probably the next things to try but I am not in the least bit handy and I don't have many tools. Wondering if the companies that service the machines will also do a diagnosis and make appropriate mods. I'd be looking for somewhere in inner city Melbourne. Any tips?

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    I would suggest you try here The Coffee Machinist Rick is a CS site sponsor. He is in Melbourne - not sure exactly where.

    I have not dealt with him personally, but judging from what I have seen here, he is a great coffee tech, and modder extraordinaire.

    Cheers, Deegee.


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      Using pressurized (dual-wall) baskets? Swap them out for nonpressurised (single-wall).

      If that isn't the problem, then it's your grinder. There is nothing on the Classic that requires modding to pull good shots.


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        Sounds like the grind is not fine enough

        Recalibration looks a little fiddly with the case clips etc but wouldnt take long, assuming you have a solis (baratza) maestro...

        How To Re-Calibrate a Baratza Grinder - YouTube


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          Thank you for all these great responses. Coffee Machinist looks perfect, and a useful contact to have. Will start with trying to improve the grind.


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            I didn't think there were any mods that would slow down a pour.


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              Originally posted by Hildy View Post
              I didn't think there were any mods that would slow down a pour.
              Over pressure valve? If the machine chokes when increasing the grind fineness, grind volume or tamp pressure, installing an OPV will relieve the choke pressure and let the 9-10 bar or whatever's set flow through the grind while dumping the excess.

              It's what I did to my BES820 as it was choking a lot when I was fiddling with finer grind and harder tamps. I could then tamp as hard as I want and grind as fine as I could and it still wouldnt choke, however it took forever to get a shot out of it (I didnt do that often).

              The classic already has an OPV though afaik so perhaps adjustment or preinfusion or something.


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                big difference in getting a better grinder...
                My initial shots from using the Sunbeam and Breville was fast... say 10-13secs from power on in my Silvia... let say the taste of the coffee was pretty bad... even when I tamp them really hard.... using a weighing machine, I was probably doing 20KG press down and still get fast shots
                Now I have a Macap grinder, it gave really fluffy grinds, and tamping it was not hard at all... So far my shots have moved up to low 20s seconds, and the crema is noticably better and taste is much much better than before... still need to fine tune my grinder at the moment, but have a better grinder can really make a whole lot of difference (yes, I was also sceptical in the beginning about how important a good grinder is)


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                  Don't Gaggia Classics all have OPV? My work Gaggia Baby (new 1992+), basically a plastic version of the Gaggia Classic has one. Are you sure that the mod is not simply an adjustment of the OPV to the correct pressure?


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                      I had the same problems, however IMO the only modding needed on Gaggia Classics is the steaming arm (for when people want milk based drinks) and an unpreassurized basket. This, coupled with a decent grinder will give you fantastic shots of coffee. My machine is now pulling 25-27 second shots that taste fantastic.