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Second hand EM6910 warranty question

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  • Second hand EM6910 warranty question


    I'm new here and this is my first post. I had a look through the other posts but couldn't find the answer to my question.

    I bought a second hand EM6910 through gumtree for $100 (also came with the sunbeam grinder). Apparently it hadn't seem any use for quite a while.

    Took it home and there's some issues with it. Steam isn't outputting anything, although it sounds like it's trying. (Sound is the normal brr brr brr sound, though not that loud compaired to the other pump) Not sure about everything else, though it does have (hot) water coming out the hot water and coffee head, not sure if there's going to be any pressure issues yet as I have to actually buy some coffee :P The hot water/coffee pump makes a HUGE BRR BRR BRR sound and lots of vibration.

    I took off the back panel and I could see that the blue steam pump doesn't really seem to be doing anything. The pipe at the top doesn't have any water running out of it, but there's water in the bottom pipe.

    Anyway the machine is only a few years old, most likely under 5, and I know the pumps have a 5 year warranty. Any chance this might still fall under warranty? I don't have any receipts or anything.

    If so, anyone have the number I need to call?

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    Generally most items would need a receipt for date of purchase to claim for warranty. I have had a hot water system replaced without proof of purchase but it did have a date of production stamped on it.

    But I do wish you luck to have someone able to help you


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      Well if I can't get warranty it just means I have a go for doing a bit of DIY. There's a lot of info on here. I'm pretty confident off being able to do some checks. Else I'll just fine someone to service it.


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        Self troubleshooting worked for me..

        Originally posted by IJustKnowStuff View Post
        Steam isn't outputting anything, although it sounds like it's trying. (Sound is the normal brr brr brr sound, though not that loud compaired to the other pump)
        I had the same thing from my machine 3 months ago, I waited until the weekend and gave the machine a complete clean running Cafetto Espresso Clean through it. Turning the wand valve on full making that noise you mentioned I angled the machine towards me and giving it a bump of encouragement off the counter. Eventually the sound gradually improved the pressure started to come out and return to normal. The problem has completely vanished since and has not returned (fingers crossed). I think there may have been a blockage or possible build up as it was the first time I had actually run the clean solution from the reservoir.

        Best of luck.


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          Running a descaler may help, although you'd need to get something coming through the steam wand at least. The water we get out of taps tends to be extremely 'dirty' in the sense there is a lot more than just H2O in it - left sitting for any length of time the H2O evaporates and leaves residue.

          The bump thing might work, or maybe take the hose end off and try some compressed air through it (cans available usually at Bunnings or even computer shops)

          From what I have read on here, Sunbeam are normally pretty good about warranty for pumps - check the sticker on the back of the machine for serial, model and date info, then with that in hand, look up Sunbeam at Sunbeam warranty, repair & service - Sunbeam

          I got a liquid descaler from my local coffee place - they swore by it and stated it is perfectly OK to run it through the steam wand, just to be sure I then ran a good amount of steam through it straight after. I ran it through the group head, the water wand and the steam wand. Since then the machine ONLY gets pure water from my Reverse Osmosis supply. I have an electric kettle that is more than 10 years old - it hasn't had much use recently (cos I have my SB EM6910 ) but up till this year it was being used constantly. After all that time with RO water it is still silvery sheen inside - that is not normal for kettles by any stretch.

          IMO the more pure the water you put through your system the longer it will last and the less maintenance you need over time. e.g. steaming tap water will leave residue behind as many of the 'ingredients' do not vaporise, particularly at the temp of water.


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            Here is a thread that may help