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Sunbeam 6910 group head

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  • Sunbeam 6910 group head

    Have other people found this problem? The thread on the bottom of the porta filter is course, whilst the thread on the spout is fine ( very fine actually by the look of it, maybe gas pipe thread?). This is how it came from the factory, they had managed to force it on far enough to stop it falling off. Once I took it off to clean it, it wouldnt go back on properly. The best I could do was to add an o-ring to get it to stop leaking and wind it on as best I could. Trouble is when the two pieces nip up tight the spouts are at 90 degrees to the direction they should face, so the whole porta filter won't stand upright on the bench, it falls over spilling the grinds! So I have to back off the spout, leaving it loose.
    Should I just buy a new porta filter?

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    Have a machine shop cut the bottom off it and you have a naked pf! Unfortunately the pf for the sunbeam is unique and therefore expensive to replace.


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      ...interesting! I made the mistake with mine of tapping the whole thing on the bench (/mat) to settle the grinds as I was filling. However, over time this clearly put too much stress on the spout / thread and it fell off and has seemingly damaged the threads. Considered just putting the single spout on, but now it won't fit as the threads are damaged...


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        Plumber's tape might do the trick if the damage isn't too severe.