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Newbie - confused and needs options

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  • Newbie - confused and needs options

    So I've researched my head off and am still unsure.

    We're looking to pay up to $1500

    we want HOT coffee and as hot a milk as we can get.

    I need the quick convenience for a morning cappuccino and the longevity for about 10 short blacks for Jen visitors are around.

    My preference is for auto. Hubby doesn't mind semi auto.

    We want a new machine as opposed to a good deal for one refurbished.

    Not site if there is anything else I can offer up as to my needs. Let me know if so.

    I know it may be a swear word here but I did like the Nesptesso Lattisima Plus but hubby thinks the pod system is crap coffee and locks us in and is sure there's better out there.

    Please help. Before we divorce!!

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    Welcome Bellabek,

    Sounds like you put a lot of emphasis on HEAT. A kettle and a microwave will do that. I rarely say this, but.....listen to your hubby if you care at all about the taste of your coffee. Breville Dual Boiler and Smart Grinder might be a go for you.


    PS. Who is Jen? Aniston? If so, I'd invest more.


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      I have to agree with Barry on that one, I have to agree with your hubby also. I bought a mid range Nespresso pod machine secondhand so i could try them out for myself. I understand they are a convenience and less mess for people however thats the only good thing i could find. If you are looking to advance your coffee taste or even just produce good coffee every time, my personal opinion is dont buy a pod machine as you WONT be happy with it long term and wish you had something like what Barry suggested.

      Kind regards,

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        Lelit Dual Boiler. On sale now through sponsors Jetblack and Talk Coffee.

        Job done.



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          Pod coffee tastes nasty.
          99.9°-extracted coffee tastes bitter
          Scalded milk doesn't feel silky and taste sweet like it should.
          Automatics I don't have a experience with, but assuming they don't have great grinders I'll also say that they don't produce great-tasting coffee either.

          It all depends on how much you want "coffee" and how much you want your coffee to taste great.


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            After using nespresso for the past year, i bought a gaggia titanium (superautomatic) for 2 weeks but felt like the coffee was not "complete". Even after adjusting the grind and dosage I felt like I'm still missing something.

            This set me off to my current path of home espresso machine.


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              Thanks everyone. We do want good coffee. And creamy luscious cappucino froth.
              So assuming I relent, and head down the semi auto path - what would you recommend for $1k?
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                Silva and K3, i think it may be a little over 1k or if you go with a rocky or the Breville smart grinder it should be under the 1k mark. From what I hear also the new Sunbeam is pretty good, this is only what i have heard though.

                Even though we have somewhat bashed the pod machines (me included) it is your choice at the end of the day and for some reason unknown to us it may suit you better... But from opinions on here most would agree the coffee that comes out of them arnt the same as a machine like mentioned above or what other may have in mind.

                kind regards,



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                  Don't waste your time with Nespresso.
                  I did and I spent $500 that could have gone towards a proper machine.
                  I went down that path because it was easy and consistent.

                  Just over a year later, I can't stand the taste. It does not taste like coffee and it does not seem to give me the kick that a real espresso delivers.

                  However, if you did go down this path, do not get the Latissma, I did, and if you drink flat whites, it does not texture the milk correctly, there is too much froth and it always comes out like a cappuccino. If you do get it, get the machine that comes with the Aerocino or the one that has the steam wand.


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                    Do not get a Silvia - it takes too long to make a cappa unless you become a coffee nerd and you won't care. But it sounds like you want a quick no fuss fix. Get a breville dual boiler and smart grinder


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                      Originally posted by Wynton87 View Post
                      Do not get a Silvia - it takes too long to make a cappa unless you become a coffee nerd and you won't care. But it sounds like you want a quick no fuss fix. Get a breville dual boiler and smart grinder
                      Haha. I don't think coffee nerd is the right word. Just abit of patient and tinkering is needed

                      Well. I don't consider myself a nerd (yet)


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                        Ok I couldn't get to a shop today that had any of the above so I stopped at a general appliance retailer HN and there was Jura. A rep spent 45mins with me and I tested the ena micro 1 and the z7. The ena was a little more manual for milk but its $840 whereas the z7 was $1999 which I could stretch for but it's cleaning was a bit harder.
                        I had a few different types of coffees from each and all without sugar which never happens! The froth compared to the nespresso was 10000 times better. Creamier and thicker.
                        Unless there's a reason not to, I think I'll go
                        the ena.


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                          Okitoki the breville was gigantic!!


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                            Originally posted by bellabek View Post
                            Okitoki the breville was gigantic!!
                            compared to?

                            add: and my post re patient and tinkering is at the Silvia... the Breville seems very straight forward and easy to use


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                              Not really compared to anything but just looking at it, it was quite commanding. Imagining it on my bench top (4 bedroom house) it seems like it'd be too big.