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UNIC DIVA Crema - Assistance Required (UNIC Diva Pro?)

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  • UNIC DIVA Crema - Assistance Required (UNIC Diva Pro?)

    I picked up a new UNIC - DIVA Crema; it came with a Diva Pro guide in French (MFG tag states it was made in France) but the manual is more about the circuitry than anything else. Looks like a great machine inside and out but it was dusty as it had sat for years (according to the owner).

    Before I plugged it in I filled the boiler with a citric acid solution (boiled water and citric acid) and once the boiler was filled I plugged it in and just ran the "free flow" cycle to filter it out. I initially didn't turn on the heater as the pressure and heat gauge up front looks broken (neithers read 0), but after flowing through gallons of water I thought I would try. Once I turned on the element switch it started to heat up fast (boiler really gets hot fast) but within a minute I started to notice dripping from one capped line that connects the boiler to the steam wand as well as from the pressure gauge to that line (see pic below); where it started to bubble over I noticed the cap has a hole in it?

    I'm thinking someone (since it was last in operation) put the wrong cap on here - but not sure if it's maybe missing a flexible line or some pressure release valve? There's next to no room for anything to fit - but curious if someone with more knowledge than I can tell me if it just needs a cap with no hole (how could you produce steam in an open line - doesn't make sense to have a hole in it???). The line to the steam wand and it's cap is right under the steel frame so nothing higher than a half inch would ever fit out of this hole if you had to unthread the cap.


    Open cap; 1/2 inch under frame:
    Line connects to steam wand and T's to the pressure gauge:

    "T" line goes into back of gauge:

    Broken Gauge??? These should be spun to "0" when machine is off, no???: :

    Think I have to order a new gauge as well, but other than that and the mystery of the cap with hole I think that everything else works just fine... Any help on this, or if you know any tips or have documentation for this unit I would appreciate any and all!

    Thank you, Forum!

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    In similar locations on other machines I have worked on where there is a threaded connection that is not being used, there will be a solid brass washer under a threaded cap, with the brass washer having a gentle convex curve on the face against the threaded fitting. The concave face approximately replicates the face of a pipe olive, to ensure a seal against the fitting. Usually the cap will be solid, but the factory may have just used a nut that is usually used at the end of a pipe with an olive fitting - in that situation the hole in the cap wouldn't matter since the washer does the sealing, not the cap. The other possibility of course is that that fitting is meant to be an air release valve (since I can't see one anywhere else, unless that's one hiding behind the mystery fitting in the picture) and it is either worn out or has been reassembled with a part missing, although it doesn't look like any air release I am familiar with.

    With the gauge, sometimes when the needles sit like that at rest it is just that they have moved on their shafts - sometimes carefully pulling them off with fine pliers and gently pushing them back on in the zero position will fix the problem. Although with that type of gauge the biggest problem will be removing the front face of the gauge to access the needles. If you do need to replace the gauge, a San Marino gauge is likely to fit (looks like same pipe connections and mountings, and they also fit in a rectangular panel cutout) and may be easier to source than a genuine Unic gauge.


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      Thanks, MorganGT!

      Thank you, MorganGT.

      I think it's probably missing a washer as there is no room for a steam escape valve - the cap on top of the boiler has washers under it as well so it makes sense. Without something to seal it off I can't turn on the element or else it starts to bubble over there - just seems a funny place to have a hole in the cap! Now I'll try to find a copper washer and see what happens when I let the heating element kick on.

      Thanks again for your input - it's appreciated!


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        Found my answers - thank you all.

        Contacted UNIC in the USA:

        Parts & Technical Support

        Tel: +1-425-353-2700
        Fax: +1-425-353-3918

        UNIC USA CORP.
        12407 Mukilteo Speedway
        Suite 250-B
        Lynnwood, WA 98087 - USA

        They were extremely helpful and professional. Took the time to answer my questions over the phone and even gave me the quick UNIC Barista 101 over the phone! The rep I spoke with was Clayton and I was in awe of the service he gave - totally professional!

        After trying a few things I decided to order a new manometer and seals for the GH and now my machine runs like new. The part I thought was missing on the steam line was all there - it's a ball bearing that only comes into play when the machine is fully on and is there to prevent backflow.

        Thanks all - and if any of you have UNIC questions or concerns I wouldn't hesitate to contact them.