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Gaggia Classic - Descaling question

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  • Gaggia Classic - Descaling question

    Hi All,

    Im new to this forum so hopefully im posting in the correct area.

    Anyway, I was recently given a hand-me-down gaggia classic which has been working fine (and still does) when pulling expresso shot, but only recently have learnt about general maintenance such as descaling backflushing, etc. I have also looked at what limescale can do to your machine over time and the effects aren't pretty!

    So I opened up my GC from the top and found that limescale had already started to take place around some of the screws etc (see links below)

    Does this mean the machine is totally screwed or does it need some solid descaling done to it (i.e. waiting 1 hour instead of waiting 20 mins) after every cup of descaling solution is run through it, so it can do a more thorough clean?

    Would love your thoughts on this as I really dont want to try and fix a sinking ship so to speak...

    Thanks in advance everyone.

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    Relax and have a coffee.

    Looks like you have a little bit of corrosion around the bolts. They hold the boiler onto the group. There is a large O ring type seal in there that most likely could do with replacing, after giving all the surfaces a bit if a clean up inside. These machines are pretty easy to dissmantle and service if you are handy with tools. If not you will need to pay one of the site sponsors techs to give a bit of service. Which may or may not be worth your while?

    Or you can just keep on using it as is until something breaks.


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      Those photos are too small to see much of anything, but as far as I can see the bolts are find and you have some corrosion (not limescale) on the outside of whetever that second picture is of.

      A small brass brush will get rid of all that and I wouldn't bother with anything beyond that unless you want to replace the boiler seal (why bother unless it's leaking or you're set on brushing out the inside of the boiler?)


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        I have pulled apart my Gaggia Classic. It is easy to do. I use my phone to photograph and tape to mark wire locations. It had the same corrosion as yours. I pulled apart the tank and descaled the inside. The amount of debris inside the tank was amazing. I replaced the o ring and linished the tank bottom as the corrosion had gone around the o ring. The other interesting thing was that two of the bolts holding the tank to the head were not tight. Probably as a result of the heating and cooling. That is where my corrosion had occurred. Linishing was an easy fix, fine sand paper and very flat sanding block. It cleaned up like new. I filter my water now. I flushed the machine 3-4 times. The coffee tastes great again.

        Take your time and it will be an easy fix. Unplug it and check your connections over and over. Great machine and your price was right. Enjoy

        Cheers Chuckie


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          Originally posted by Chuckie63 View Post
          very flat sanding block
          Taping wet/dry to a sheet of glass works very well for this too.