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new member, intro, and of course, a request for help

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  • new member, intro, and of course, a request for help

    First post here, I hope to be a frequent visitor to the forum.

    I am in the usa, and I own a rancilio Silvia with a pid, a mazzer with spigot and hopper modifications, I roast my own beans with a turbo oven, and I am refurbishing an Azkoyen Bravo. How's that for a start?

    My goals are to help out other with silvia and or mazzer problems, I also owned a baratza preciso before that. In turn, I would like to ask a few questions about the Azkoyen Bravo, if I may. I am not even sure if the bravo is properly listed as a midrange machine, please feel free to tell me or move this to another category.
    My bravo is a single group, and it is large and cubical, so it is not the compact one with the more narrow depth. I have completely disassembled it, soaked everything in acid, and now almost all of it is back together at the testing point.

    If anyone would like to help me diagnose a few issues concerning the intake flow of water, or the testing of the heating element, I would be greatly appreciative.
    I am looking for a users manual for it as well, I have the exploded diagrams and a parts supplier for it, I just need a knowledgeable sounding board to bounce my ideas off of.

    many thanks-