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Need help with Wega Mini Nova(2002) Electric connections

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  • Need help with Wega Mini Nova(2002) Electric connections

    I have a relatively old Wega Mini that I got in 2002 I believe. It was leaking when we moved so I just drained it and stored it for a while. Last month I took it apart and cleaned it up. The frame had some corrosion on it so I sandblasted it and painted it with epoxy appliance paint. When I was putting it back together I disconnected the wires from switches in order to reroute wiring, and got it reconnected wrong. When I plugged it in last week, it heated up and the fill solenoid went on, but nothing happened when I hit the brew switch.

    It's not an automatic or semi-automatic, so it should be easy to figure out. I can't find schematics for it.

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    The first picture, the first switch from the left is the brew switch, second is the power switch, which is lighted when it's on. Third is the switch for the hot water tap.